Asheville, NC Dopers?

I am curious how many of us are here. I know a few threads have been done mentioning Asheville and a few people “checked in” over the years. Is anyone else here now?

DanielWithrow is an Asheville hippy! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m less than an hour away. The Orange Peel rocks!

I’m not from Asheville, but when I was a kid I lived close enough to watch Mr. Bill (Norwood)'s kiddie show on WLOS TV-13.

But I have been to it a couple of times.

Bruce_Daddy, huh? There are no hippies in Asheville. :slight_smile:

Earl Snake-Hips Tucker- Mr. Bill was very cool! One time I was outside playing in a field with a friend and his hot-air balloon flew over us. My friend yelled, “Hi, Mr. Bill!”

I, Never to be Princess, back then, sniffed, “He can’t hear you. He’s up w-a-y too high.”

Then…we heard “Hi!” from up in the balloon.

I live near and work in Asheville. And I wish someone would please make this sultry weather go away. I have thick curly hair and I’ve been walking around looking like I’ve had a bad perm.

Sorry about bumping this thread; I just wanted to say hello to Stavia. My hair is limp, but I too wish we could have some nicer weather. :slight_smile:

Just moved back to Tennesse border after working in Asheville for a couple of years. Visit friends there frequently- just an hour away.

Everybody thinks I’m crazy because I like Winter, but I’ll put up with a little snow and ice for a few good-hair days. :smiley:

How long have you lived in Asheville? I’ve lived here 14 years and I love it.

Do frequent visitors count?

I love Asheville and usually make it over there once a month. I just wish Knoxville would look to you guys for inspiration on reviving downtown. We designers see it, but the city and the people here are borderline clueless. :rolleyes: sigh

Stavia, I grew up in this area, though I have only lived in a suburb of Asheville for the past 2 and a half years. I love the entire Western North Carolina area. Actually, I live more in the country than in the city. Asheville is the nearest place which has a name that people recognize.

peritrochoid, sure frequent visitors count! Downtown is thriving. I really enjoy downtown Brevard and Hendersonville, as well.

Sorry for the thread archaeology, but my wife is kind of keen on moving to Asheville, and I am thinking it’s a good place, too. I’ve visited a number of times and like the mix of urban/rural, traditional/progressive and of course, it’s proximity to some excellent outdoor recreation opportunities.

I was wondering if any of you Ashevillians (?) would have any insight into this. I’'m sure that jobs are scarce and that cost of living is increasing, but I’m thinking long term, really, and a less stressful place for my kids to grow up.

Also, I was wondering if y’all have had enough of those goddamn out-of-towners coming in and messing things up…

I realy love North Carolina and have visited in four times now as I have relatives who stay in Greensboro. I come from Edinburgh Scotland. Wilmington, Raleigh Durham, The Smokey Mts, Blue Ridge Parkway I could go on and on. So can I join your club?

The Biltmore estate make lovely salad dressings as well.

**** i live in asheville,nc

Geneb and I are ~3 hours away… Abingdon, VA

Crazy. I knew him for about 20 years when I was growing up. My father was a balloon pilot.

I’m in Fayetteville, NC but I’m hoping to visit soon.

**** we moved from costa rica to asheville.been here 6 months and we love it.i use to go to the camp here as a that makes me so old.and then every looks about the same but the roads are alot better.:slight_smile:

I just moved back here after 16 years in Arizona. I love the humidity- it’s not too dry, and not too humid. I don’t have to do anything at all to my hair- it just curls up nicely so I just wash and go. The roads kind of freak me out because they’re so narrow and there’s hardly any shoulder. I love Asheville- it’s The South that I have to get used to again- it’s weird.