Asheville, NC doperfest

Are there any other dopers in Asheville or likely to be here any time soon.

I’m tired of having doper fests by myself.

Two quick questions:

  1. How far is Asheville from Norfolk?

  2. Does Asheville have a bar?

Chief, Asheville’s got bars, 'coons, ‘possum, dare an’ all kinds a other critters too!

Hey, Asheville is an hour shorter than the last two I’ve been to. I typically just crash these things, though, since I never know how my schedule is going to work out.

I’m a short drive from Asheville, so I’d try my best to be there. TNHippie is also a few short hours away, so I’d like to suggest a freedom get together if he’d feel like it. What say, y’all?

To add, in light of TNHipp’s recent circumstances, I’d be glad to drink lemonade whilst y’all partaked to make this an equitable party…

Depending on the day and time, I can make it. Also, Drain Bead will be in Raleigh after mid-December.

Keep me informed…

Yer pal,
Satan - Commissioner, The Teeming Minions

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Well, depending on school schedules, I am all for it. Actually, if we are looking at something in the sooner rather than later time frame, Skummet (ok, so I can’t make an umlaut!) will be visiting the area at the end of October–he might like to join. Of course, if this is going to be for TN*hippie, it will probably be later.

Try <<ALT 129>> for a ü with an ümlaüt.:smiley:

Chief – it’s about 400ish miles from the Hampton Roads area. Depending on the date, I could probably be there.

I didn’t know there were any Asheville dopers! We have a condo there and I was up there in September :frowning:

Like everybody else, depending on when it is and what’s going on for me at the time, I could possibly make it.

I will continue to have my doper fest of one until someone else shows up. I live here so any time is good for me.

::Shaking head::

Lance, Lance, Lance…

You don’t get it do you? Dopefests don’t “just” happen.

What you need to do is determine a quirky little place which which will willingly accept an infusion of Dopers.

Ensure said place serves alcohol and food.

Determine a date and time.

Post this information. Request replies.

That’s about a 5 hour drive for me…post the details and I can make a better determination.

Clearly, you don’t know a lot about Asheville. Asheville itself is a quirky little place. Barley’s is a fine establishment that serves palatable food and has over 60 kinds of beer on tap. (Several of those are brewed in house.) As for a date and time, any date and any time are good for me, but I’ll make a few suggestions.

  1. October 20 or 21. I realize that this pretty short notice, but that weekend is the peak of leaf season. The Blue Ridge Parkway runs right by Asheville, and is quite breathtaking in late October.

  2. Any other time.

Too soon for me to make it…

Yer pal,

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Well, I am going to be in Asheville on the 31st but I will be with some other folks. I guess, if you have any time that day, I could come early and we could maybe have lunch or something. Then we could try to plan a larger Dopefest (with more than two people!) for early November or something. I realize, of course, when you asked to meet with Dopers, you meant important influential people but hey, I guess you can take what you can get! :wink:
How do people feel about Saturday the 28th? I think Skümmet (thanks, Mjollnir) will be here then. I might be able to make it there twice in a week.

Just bumping this in the hopes that the reason Lance Turbo has not responded has more to do with the fact that he didn’t see it than it does with the fact that he recoils in horror at the thought of having to meet me!

Think of it as a healthy mix both.

I feel great about Saturday the 28th.