TN DOPERS UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!

There’s like, what 4, 5 of us on this board? We oughta get together sometime and socialize. It be nice to meet some fellow dopers IRL. Whatcha think? Heck, we could even be nice and allow the ones from nearby states to show up! Any takers? You can either post here or e-mail me (its in my profile) and we can plan it from there.

See the problem with Tennessee is that if you’re in Memphis and you’re trying to meet up with someone from Knoxville, that’s about a six hour drive. But, for the record, I’m in Memphis, and I think a dopefest is a great idea.

percypercy we could try and pick a halfway point, or meet in Murfreesboro, which is the geographic center of the state. I live in Nashvegas, but have been in this state for over a decade now and know how hard it is to get from point A to B, but still, all of us should try. Assuming, they see this thread.

As one of the East Tennessee Dopers, I’d say meeting someplace like Murfreesboro sounds like a good idea. It’s still several hours away but it’s doable. I know there is at least one Doper (I’m thinking there are two) in Bristol.

TN*hippie is the only other TN Doper I have met, so I’d like to get together and meet more of you.

Well, I’m here in Nashville, but not particularly mobile (no car). But I’m sure something can be worked out!

If it’s in Nashville, I’m in. The problem is that I’m on a very tight schedule, what with the 2 jobs and all. Sundays are best for me, if it’s during the day.

I’ll make every possible effort to be there…let’s do it!


drewbert, I’m in Gallatin and work around Shopryland, so I can give you a ride. This is just about all of us, I think, except for TN*Hippie. evilbeth you know how to get hold of him? I saw something on one of the boards that his PC had gone belly-up or something similar, so he maybe out of touch. I’m going to say that we should all get together on a weekend, be easier for all of us to make it that way. Especially those that have to drive a considerable distance. For starters, I’d say June 23. That’s a Saturday near the end of the month. Anybody here besides me familiar with Murfreesboro? Its been a few years since I lived there, and the place has changed a great deal, so I’m not really sure of where would be a good place to meet. Have to take a spin down that way and look around some.

As an aside evilbeth I gotta ask: Did you ever live in Brentwood? I had an ex-girlfriend who lived there named Beth. Last saw her at the Floyd concert six years ago, and we didn’t part on the best terms. Just asking in case you’re her. (Yeah, I know, the odds are astronomically slim, but I never expected to see her at the Floyd show, either.)

Also, anybody have any objections to the kind of place we meet at? I realize that we should all meet in a public place, but some people may not want/be able to meet at a bar. (Not that there were many good ones when I lived there.) Also, we need to pick a time that’s convient to everyone and how are we going to identify one another? Should we bring a SD book or something?

Whoops! So Saturdays are out for TN*hippie. We can make it the 24th, or we could have two, one on the 23rd for the folks who make it to the 'Boro and one on the 24th for folks like TN*hippie who need to stay in Nashvegas. Or we could all meet in Nashvegas.

Nope, not me. I’m strictly an eastern Tennessee person. But it never hurts to check!

I’m going to see if I can dig up some more Tennessee Dopers.

Please do! The more people we can have at this thing, the more fun it’ll be. Everyone should feel free to bring friends along who would be cool except for the fact that they don’t post here! :wink:

I know jane_says lives in Bristol. I could have sworn there was another one, too. I’ll keep looking.

Also, doesn’t Bosda Di’Chi of Tricor live somewhere near Nashville? Or am I imagining things again?

i usually work Saturdays too, so this would work out OK.

And evilbeth, I think you’re right about Bosda.

I think Bosda lives in Murfreesboro, but I’ve never seen a post by him/her, so I don’t know if he/she still visits the board. So, anyone have objections to Sunday the 24th?

You gotta quit licking those toads, evilbeth. They cause hallucinations.

Yeah, I live in Murfreesboro.

The Red Rose would be a nice place to meet here in the 'Boro.

If not that, how 'bout the Outback steak joint.

But not The City Cafe! That’s where I got food poisoning last Xmas.

If Nashville, we gotta go to the 101st Airborne Club. The steaks are great & the decor will blow your mind.

Well, so far, its looking like Nashvegas, as we’ve got two Dopers who’d have trouble making it down to the 'Boro. We’ve got one vote for 101st Airborn, anybody else got a suggestion? I personally don’t care where.

Hey! I’m in Memphis for another week or so…want to get together sometime, maybe this weekend? I’m way out in Cordova right now, but if it’s the weekend, I’m sure I can get downtown.

Wish I could meet all the rest of y’all but I must leave and fulfil my duties as The White Trash Cultural Ambassador to the EuroTrash. I will be back in TN in August, in Knoxville, maybe we could meet then?

Sure! If everybody likes the first one, we could even plan to do 'em every couple of months or so. Maybe even pick different places so the same people wouldn’t have to drive so far all the time.

Or y’all could all come and stay in the Infamous Spare Room so I won’t get homesick in Dublin.

I’m not sure if I can make the Nashvegas cos I’m a broke college student, but Tater, I’d love to get together. I’m in New Orleans right now, but I’ll be back on Thursday. I live near midtown, but I can drive anywhere so that doesn’t matter.