Middle TN dopers unite!

RickQ and I just moved to the M’boro area and aside from buying a house, painting it, moving, and starting a new job, we don’t have near enough to do, so I thought I would see about organizing a dopefest. Now, I have to warn you that the dopefests I tried to organize in Michigan were occasional flops because we couldn’t find a date, but I have faith in my fellow Middle Tennesseans. Or I am full of crap. You pick.

Anyway, I know there are some of you out there. Bosda, St. Germain, Tuckerfan, c’mon, I know someone must do vanity searches. :slight_smile: Don’t make me have a dopefest with just me, my husband, and my sister (cubmistress). I promise I won’t hit up anyone to help us move.

Nashville area dopefests have been hit or miss in the past (mostly miss), but maybe there just wasn’t a good organizer. But as I’m now in Smyrna, maybe I could make it to a dopefest this time.

Smyrna? Dude, we’re in Smyrna. If we get St. Germain to commit, we have a dopefest right there. We can meet at the Catfish House. :slight_smile:

Damn the Catfish House, it’s a E Coli infested shitshack.

Marrino’s On The Square, in Murfreesboro? Italian/pizza.

Ok, here is the part where I explain about my husband’s food preferences. He doesn’t eat cheese or tomatoes. Everyone eats pizza, right? Not my husband. So if they have a steak or chops, it will work, but otherwise, do you have any non-Italian, non-Mexican suggestions? Neither works well with his preferences.

Other than that, I promise we will play nice.

Milano’s in M’boro is Italian, but not your basic pasta and red sauce Italian. My favorite is their chicken breast with artichoke hearts in a lemon wine sauce. They have a lot of great food. I’m not one who usually commits to social gatherings, but if you set something up I’ll try to make it. And I’ll help you move if you help me pound in fenceposts. :smiley:


M’boro checking in here too…right now, no job, no school, so my schedule is pretty flexible. I’ll keep an eye on the thread while you guys figure out the time and place.

Whooo Hoo! We got us a dopefest! Milano’s sounds fantastic, and if they have a chicken in lemon butter sauce kinda thing, we are in business.

How about weekend after next? Either Friday or Saturday evening?


Weekend after next as in the 4th and 5th, or the week after THAT?
We need dates people, not abstract concepts! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, and if you want me to be there, it certainly can’t be on a Friday or early Saturday. We’re backed up at work, and I’m having to put in all kinds of OT on the weekends, and I’m pretty sure you want me to bathe before I show up. Unless you like the smell of burnt flesh, rubber, hair, dried sweat, and motor oil. :smiley:

Hey, M’boro is only an hour and a half away… Mind if I drop in?

Knock yerself out…if we can set a date.

Not just a day of the week.

Geez, are you guys always this cantankerous? :smiley:

It sounds like we have place–Milano’s. If they are as good as they sound, my picky husband can find something he will like.

Now day and date: Sounds like Tuckerfan is saying he can only make it later on Saturday unless we want him stinky. I prefer less stinky myself, so let’s look at that option. How late is late? Could we meet at, say, 7 PM, on Saturday, March 4?

stares at Calander
You mean the 5th?

Arse! :smack:

Yes, I meant Saturday, March 5. Sorry about that. Might as well propose a time, too. How about 6:30?

Honestly, I am usually smarter than this. Either 6:30 or 7 would work fine for us.

Is it Marino’s on the Square or Milano’s near Home Depot? I think there is some confusion here, well at least I am confused. :confused:

I would prefer 6:30 but 7 would work, too. I’m in, barring some disaster, that is.

I was talking Milano’s by Home Depot. 6:30 works for me.


I was talking Marino’s on the Square. Nicer ambience.