Atlanta Dopefest 2016: The Peach Strikes Back

In the course of a thread a few months ago, I discovered that two other Dopers live in the same little Atlanta-area community that I do. I mooted an ATL Dopefest, and the idea met with some approval. I attended one many years ago, and got to meet some really cool people (Labdad, Quasimodem - super nice guys, for the record).

But that was a decade ago, and we’ve got a new crop of Atlanta-area Dopers - Lsura, I Siddiq, monstro, yellowjacketcoder. So let’s get together and see if we can LARP the SDMB! :smiley:

I suggest Dave and Busters, though it’s a bit out of the way for us DeKalb-dwellers. But it’s big, has multiple rooms, and, if conversation flags, or it suddenly occurs to you that that Slow Moving Vehicle guy really is an ass, you can always bugger off to play video games.

I’m thinking mid-February, on a Saturday night, and of course I’ll do my best to arrange it.

So, who’s in?

Which D&B were you thinking? There are 3 in the metro area that I know of, two off I-85 in Gwinnett and one off I-75 in Marietta

Sure, I’m in. I may have been at the last Atlanta dopefest - at least I know there was one the last time I lived here (Manhattan was there, at Manuel’s and it was sometime between '99-'02, since that’s when lived here the first time).

I admit to not being a D&B fan, but I can survive it.

Well, either of the ones off 85 are more convenient for me, but it really I suppose depends on how many folks we get, and where they’re coming from.

I’m not wedded to D&B - if I had my druthers, I’d choose the patio at Raging Burrito in Decatur, the best patio in Atlanta, AFAIC - but the advantage of such a place, I think, is that it offers alternatives if it really does turn out that you aren’t interested in talking to the other Dopers. Also, it’s sometimes easier to strike up a conversation over a game of pool or Foosball than staring at a stranger across a table. The Dopefest I went to, which was put together by Quasimodem, was held at the D&B in Marietta.

I’m a little leery of bars, because I have a hearing disability, and find it hard to converse in a noisy bar. If there were enough of us committed, we could maybe get the private room at Manuels. Options are open, is what I’m saying.

What time are we thinking? I ask because I have kids and telling my wife “you want to put the preschoolers to bed while I meet strangers from the internet” is unlikely to go over well :slight_smile:

But I am interested. I’m in Roswell, which is not exactly near anything in Atlanta, but I do remember enjoying Manuel’s the last time I was there (although it’s way the hell out of the way for me).

And what strange strangers they are, too.

Again, I suppose it’s comes down to who all’s interested, and what constraints they’re under. I suppose we could do a “6 to whenever” thing, that might allow you to come for a while before returning home to fulfill your fatherly duties. Or maybe you might come after the little ones are in bed. Right now, we’re in the “gauging interest” phase. At some point, I’ll have to declare that “it’s going to be at X location at Y time and if you can’t make it, we’ll see you next time”; but we ain’t there yit.

Later the better for me, personally.

Agreed that someone just has to pick a date/time/location that fits most.

Maybe not that option, unfortunately. Manuel’s Tavern is closed for remodeling. I can’t find any real info on the duration of the renovation other than “a few months”.

I’m in!

And yes, Manuel’s is likely closed until… well, April or May I hear, but who knows?

I’m in Dekalb… Decatur area to be more exact. I wouldn’t mind Raging Burrito, but Twains may be something to look at… pool, foosball, darts… but it is a bar as well and can get loud.

Though I see we have someone from Roswell interested… maybe something around Perimeter Mall?

I’m in Cumming; Alpharetta, Roswell, or most places in Gwinnett would be perfectly cromulent.

We’re not playing “lowest post count buys”, are we?

I’m way down in South Ga, but I’d drive a little bit to hang out with the smartest folks on the Internet. Name the time and place, and I will do what I can to get there!

I had thought about Twain’s - on-site brewery, too, for those that like craft beer - but as noted, it’s kinda loud.

I also considered the Square Pub. Their upper floor has a spot with a couple of sofas as well as tables. One video game and a big screen TV. But I don’t want to insist on Decatur; it’s just that that’s the area I know best. But your Perimeter Mall-area suggestion is not bad. I have a foodie friend in Roswell who knows the North Fulton/North DeKalb/East Cobb area pretty well; I’ll reach out to her and see if she’s got any suggestions.

So, so far the list looks like this (pending changes that might occur when we nail down a date, time, and place)

Provisionally committed:
I Siddiqui
Lacunae Matata
Slow Moving Vehicle

Possibles, Depending On Logistics:
Doctor Jackson

Tangentially, Manuels went downhill after Manual died, didn’t it? Got kinda generic.

Why do you think I’m posting so much? :smiley:

Personally, I like the idea of Decatur (mainly because I can come in via Augusta and I20 and avoid the worst of the mess of traffic.) Plus, Farmer’s Market. Woot. But someplace without huge background noise would be great. And the Square Pub is just a few blocks from a decent little hotel where we stayed last spring while we visited a couple of college campuses, and the menu looks pretty good and reasonable, and it’s right there at the MARTA station, so… I like that option, personally.

If we were going Foodie in the Perimeter Area, I would suggest Eclipse di Luna for Food with an option to walk across the sidewalk to Cafe Intermezzo. Downside is that there’s not much to do at CI except enjoy the dessert/coffee, and if we hang out at EdL you have to see how badly I dance (seriously, I embarrassed myself with a Puerto Rican girl there - I have two left feet).

For something to do/hangout at while eating, D&Bs is probably our best bet - although admittedly I have yet to go and have been meaning to.

i’m interested

I didn’t realize you were in Atlanta. Where would you be coming from?

Okay, all, this thread appears to have died - at least, no one else has chimed in. That being so, and most of the people who have expressed interest being in the Decatur/East Atlanta area, I’ve decided to announce the 2016 Atlanta Dopefest will take place on March 12 at Mo’s Pizza, on Briarcliff. Time is 7:00 p.m. to whenever.

I work with the woman who’s husband owns the restaurant, and I’ve eaten there a few times. Good pizza, good selection of sandwiches and salads. TVs with sports, if you need distraction. Plenty of parking, and it’s right off I-85 at the Briarcliff Road exit (for the benefit of OTPers). Not too far from Decatur, either - it’s at the intersection of Briarcliff and Clairmont.

It’s entirely possible that this could be just me sitting there by myself; but if you want to come by and drink a beer, all are welcome. I’ll have a Dopefest sign, and nametags. I’ll also give my phone number and real name to anyone who PMs me.

So, let’s do this!

I’m all for “Newest member buys!” :cool:

Oops? I guess Robert163 managed to get himself banned within the last 3 weeks. :smack:

I live in Alpharetta. I always say I’m going to attend one of these things… I’m going to put it on the calendar. I’m already feeling anxiety about going though. What’s that all about?

Mableton representin’! Or,will try to represent. I have to check with my social secretary when she gets back from her business trip.

Keep me in loop, please.

Relentless mockery of OTPers, of course. Does that ease your anxiety? :stuck_out_tongue:

I keed, I keed. It’s about beer and pizza and maybe some good conversation. Nothing more.