Middle Tennessee Doper Roll Call

In response to Zeldar’s request in this thread http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=557567 , post #55, I’m putting out a hands-up call for all Middle Tennessee Doper’s.

I know that there are quite a few of us. I also know that there are Dopers within a hundred miles of Nashville in Alabama and Kentucky who might like to say howdy too. Don’t be bashful! Should we have a Nashville Dopefest, y’all would be welcome to join the party.

So far, that I know of, we have **Zeldar, Zoe, Cub Mistress, Brynda, St Germain, Electronic Chaos, Skammer, Claire Beauchamp **, CosmoDan, Bosda and **Bexan **as well as me, missred. Any others?

:smack: I forgot Drewbert.

Well, yes, I am here.

Goor for you, missred, in starting this thread. I know you want to get the Nashville Dopefest thing going. As I said I would, here’s the list I gathered in 2007 (I think) along with the names from the I-40 (etc.) thread. Please let me know if you’re pretty sure somebody on the list has left the state. Some of them I know for sure are from East or West Tennessee, and some are just “TN” by way of Location. Alphabetized and in groups of 5 for easy counting.


Angel of Doubt
Batsinma Belfry

Bosda Di’Chi of Tricor

Cub Mistress
Electronic Chaos

Hung Mung
ITR champion

Max Carnage


Skald the Rhymer

Walter Windchill


Wow! I didn’t know that there were that many of us!

Unfortunately, some of the posters of 2007 no longer post here. :frowning: But for those of you who do or are just lurking, speak up.

I found an even older thread Southerners Roll Call that I started 08-20-2003, but I didn’t find any additional Tennessee names there.

I know there have been other threads where more than a few Mid-TN Dopers had a say on some topic of mutual interest (tornado, Dopefest, whatever) but I haven’t gone looking for them yet.

But I do have vague memory of quite a few others not on the list I posted. If I had to guess, I’d go with at least 60 total and maybe as many as 100.

Yep, I’m in TN, but I’m in West TN. Memphis most of the time.

Still here. Howdy!

Dopefest late April/early May?

If you’d like a refresher on a couple of Nashville area Dopefests and the planning involved, checkout:

Nashville Dopefest 18 Aug 2007 where 26 posters contributed 157 posts.

Nashvegas Dopefest in April? (2008) had 13 individuals contribute 47 posts.

If you have the links to other Mid-TN topics of interest, please post them. I’m still looking for one that focused on the tornado damage that happened when we were at Myrtle Beach one spring a while back. Can’t even remember the year!

That would be fun!

Tuckerfan hasn’t posted in a while, but still lives here, I think.


I’ve found some other threads with a Tennessee or Mid-TN focus:

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06-30-2004, 08:09 AM
Bosda Di’Chi of Tricor

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08-18-2004, 02:50 PM

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04-07-2006, 04:28 PM
Bosda Di’Chi of Tricor

I am indeed still in the Middle Tennessee area.

He’s still in Gallatin, but working and back in school. He posts on a board that shall not be named when he has the time, but has been absent from the Dope for about a year.

I’m all for that! Any volunteers to organize?

Just to report on the old lists of names I have posted (or pointed to by way of older threads) it would appear that a portion of that 2007 list is no longer active here or else some have moved out of state as a result of job changes or finishing school or whatnot.

Some new names have come up to replace them as far as numbers go, but I suspect the reaction to this thread will be the best way to judge potential attendees for a Dopefest.

As for organizing, isn’t that always the sticky part? I won’t be able to do much more than confirming dates once we get to that point. And as far as places for the event, I still feel an outdoor facility where a picnic or bring-your-own would work is the best option. As long as there’s some shelter from rain or worse weather! The problem with restaurants and pubs and such is the noise. It’s hard to hear more than one or two at a time indoors.

Other than that, I’ll be glad to do what I can to move things along.

I nominate missred to organize! An outdoor location sounds great to me. With bathrooms, please. :slight_smile:

As best I could from old threads and profiles I have managed to trim down the Tennessee Dopers list I’ve collected to the ones here. Those who have posted in this thread are marked with “***” and I’ve marked the obviously inactive ones with “<<”

I have kept just the ones who have either declared they are currently in Tennessee or haven’t declared they aren’t since whenever it was that I learned they were in Tennessee, and that could have been years ago.

I will make corrections and additions as I learn them, but this is as accurate a list as I can provide now.

adhemar          Last Activity: Today 
Aesiron          Last Activity: Yesterday 
Angel of Doubt          ***
Anise            Last Activity: 02-10-2010 
aquasunset       Last Activity: 08-01-2005 <<

Batsinma Belfry  Last Activity: Today  
Bexan            Last Activity: Yesterday 
billyb0b         Last Activity: 11-20-2008 <<
Bosda Di'Chi of Tricor  ***   
Brynda                  ***

Calliope         Last Activity: 07-28-2008 <<
cosmosdan        Last Activity: Yesterday 
Cub Mistress            *** 
diku             Last Activity: Yesterday 
drewbert         Last Activity: 03-21-2010 

Electronic Chaos Last Activity: Today  
evilbeth         Last Activity: 08-23-2008 <<
Grant            Last Activity: 07-28-2005 <<
Graycat          Last Activity: 05-24-2009
gytalf2000       Last Activity: Today 

Hung Mung        Last Activity: 03-29-2010    
jackelope        Last Activity: 03-29-2010 
Jelly Roll       Last Activity: Today 
Litoris          Last Activity: 01-22-2010     
lokij            Last Activity: 03-23-2010 

lost4life        Last Activity: Yesterday 
lovelyluka       Last Activity: 08-28-2006 <<
Mariemarie       Last Activity: 03-28-2010    
Max Carnage      Last Activity: 11-13-2009 
missred                  ***

percypercy               ***
pope_hentai      Last Activity: Yesterday 
Rushgeekgirl     Last Activity: Today 
ShadiRoxan       Last Activity: Today
Skald the Rhymer Last Activity: Today 
Skammer          Last Activity: Today 
spingears        Last Activity: 03-29-2010 
StGermain                ***   
Tuckerfan        Last Activity: 02-15-2010 
vibrotronica     Last Activity: 12-27-2009 

Walter Windchill Last Activity: 07-19-2007 <<
xizor            Last Activity: Yesterday 
Zeldar                   ***      
Zoe              Last Activity: Yesterday 

Hi. I’m in East Tennessee, but hello regardless.

I’d probably be up for a TN Dopefest if there is one.

Hi, I live in Joelton (just north of Nashville), and I would love to meet fellow dopers!