Nashville Dopefest 18 Aug 2007

Well, the title says it all. Anyone?


500 miles. I’d have to see the guest list. But possibly.

Projammer - I think I’m insulted. Unless I’m on your good list, then I just want to compliment you on your good taste.

I’m possibly up for it, especially if we can make it relatively soon or on a Friday or Saturday. I am off work recovering from surgery, so I don’t have to worry about getting up before 6:00 for work.


Sounds lovely, count me in if it’s on a Saturday.

I’m in.

As much about the number of Dopers there as about the who’s who. There are some names that would act as force multipliers, but I’m politic enough not to mention them… :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s no one on the “I’m not going if they’re going to be there” list though. :slight_smile:

Sure :slight_smile:

I can do any weekend, as long as it’s not August 4th. (I’m from Knoxville, btw).

Make it a weekend and I’m there. This is good enough to finally pony up for a membership.

I was thinking a Saturday would be great. Any problems with 11 August? Is that soon enough sTg?

I’m interested.

As long as it’s before football starts up I’m available. Any plans for where?

Others are more qualified to find a spot than I; I live 45 minutes from Nash Vegas. Any ideas?

A few:

  1. outdoors somewhere: Centennial Park, Warner Park(s), Shelby Park, etc.
  2. cafe or restaurant
  3. public building

(1) has the drawback of bad weather
(2) has the drawback that we’d have to observe decorum to some degree
(3) has the drawback of no food and drink and probably less noise

Just ideas for smarter types to flesh out.

I know that Shelby Park, Cedar Hill Park and probably most of the others have covered picnic areas with grills and some with fireplaces.

RickQ and I would be interested. I bet cub mistress would be, too.

As for where, I suggest a restaurant or cafe. Surely we can behave ourselves. :slight_smile: IMHO, outside eating is just too hot and buggy for the next few months.

I might come up for that (from Atlanta), if I’m welcome.

Seems like there is enough interest to start getting things a little firmer, so here goes:

Saturday August 14th in Nashville, TN place TBD.

Day, Afternoon, or Evening?
Inside or out?

If we do it inside, we will need firmish numbers by probably 07 August to start making reservations. Everyone feel free to correct any assumptions I may have made that are incorrect. If no has any objections, tomorrow around 2100 hours I’ll ask a mod to change the thread title to the date we come up with.

ETA: Of course you are invited, fiver. We ain’t picky round these parts:)

On my calendar, Aug/14/2007 is a Tuesday.