TN/NC Dopers -- I'm a'comin'!

Hey y’all –

I’m going to be in Tennessee and North Carolina June 28th through 30th – in the Johnson City, TN area the evening of Weds. June 28th, and the Raleigh, NC area on Thurs. the 29th.

Anyone want to get together?

I’d be up for that!

Swing thru Nashville or the 'Boro and you can meet both Tuckerfan and Bosda.* C’mon, that’s a hell of a doubleheader. :smiley:

  • and me, RickQ, and cub mistress, but let’s face it, we aren’t as interesting.

Yeah, and it’s only 150 miles in the wrong direction! :stuck_out_tongue:

dogbutler, cool! Any other Raleighites available?

Hey, twickster, I’d love to meet you when you’re in Raleigh. Count me in for the 29th.


That afternoon I’ll be in Holly Springs, which looks pretty much right by there – I’m meeting someone at 5:30 which should take about two hours; maybe we could meet after that for dinner and/or beverages of your choice? I realize 8 (or later) is pretty damn late for dinner for most people.

Youse guys are gonna have to figure out the location, since I’ve never been to Raleigh (or its environs).

Whaddya think?

Holly Springs is about 20 miles south of downtown Raleigh. I don’t know any good places there (don’t hardly ever go down that way), but there’s a Hibernian Pub in Cary about 10 miles away that has good food and good beer. Their salmon salad is a big plank of salmon on a bed of greens. Yum.

That looks pretty doable – how’s Cary work for the rest of you?

Cary is doable

Yay! So it looks like we’ve got a rendezvous for the Raleigh crowd on Thursday – anyone from Johnson City (or perhaps a bit east of there – I have to do that drive either Wednesday evening or Thursday morning) for Wednesday?

I’d love to swing down that way, but my best friend from high school (whom I’ve not seen in almost 20 years) is going to be in town those days, so I can’t make it. IIRC, evilbeth lives around there.

Dang, tuckerfan, you were definitely one of the folks I had in mind when I thought “Tennessee.” (Of course, my knowlege of the specific geography of the state is delightfully vague, so I was also aware that Johnson City might not be the hotspot one might hope for the single stop of the TN tour.)

Have fun with your friend – perhaps there will be some Doperific opportunity down the road when we can meet.

It’s a bit secluded from the rest of the major population centers of the state but, then, so is Memphis. We’re somewhat oddly shaped and spread.

Anyway, if you were closer to Chattanooga, I’d definitely be interested but, as is, it’s a 200 mile drive. Hope you have fun, though.

I’ve been to Chattanooga a few times – I have family thereabouts (Dalton, Georgia). Nice town! Next time I’m down visiting my aunt, maybe I’ll try to set something up.

Tuckerfan is correct. Johnson City is my area.

It’s not the hot spot you might think with me living here and all but it’s not bad.

If you’re looking for something fun to do, I can try to point you in the right direction as I am an old (well, not really) married mom and most conventional kinds of “fun” escaped from me years ago.

However, if it’s camaraderie you’re after, count me in.

I would love to join you for the Raleigh/Cary get together. I have never (knowingly) met any other Dopers. The Hibernian works for me.

I’d love to! Unfortunately, Johnson City is about 500 miles from here; Tennessee is a very long state. Maybe next time.

Also, there’s a Goodberry’s frozen custard stand next door to the Hibernian, just in case anyone’s interested.

I might be able to come - depends on the child care situation since my sweetie has volleyball Thursdays.

Probably not, for various reasons.
If you get to Nashville/Murfreesboro, then perhaps.

I’m a 51-year-old woman who doesn’t drink. I definitely can only handle a finite amount of “fun.” :wink: I was hoping for someone to have dinner with, maybe. (Though I gotta say, that frozen custard place in Cary sounds … not uninteresting. )

I’m actually gonna be in Chuckey that afternoon, then, as I said, heading east either that evening or the next morning. Depending on your schedule, maybe we could meet for coffee or something, just to say hi.

Bosda – bummer, oh well, hopefully some other time.

Harriet the Spry, AerynSun – yay! Sounds like we’re approaching a quorum for Thursday