Nashville Dopefest November 23rd

You know, once it stopped being so bloody hot? Or am I crazier than usual?

Tripler and I will be in Nashville for Thanksgiving day and weekend; we’re going to a hockey game on Turkey Day proper, the rest of the time is up in the air. We’ll likely be staying at Ft. Arnold.


Well, at the moment, I’ve no idea where I’ll be, but assuming I’m in town, I’m up for it. Anyone else?

Nawth Chucka - is Ft. Arnold the AF base in Manchester?

I might be up for it, depending on family commitments. I have Thursday and Friday off work.


I don’t know exactly what my plans will be, but I missed the last one at Blackstone’s and I’d like to come out.

Thread subscribed.

I’m open to the idea.

Per Wiki, it looks like it is near Manchester. We’ll stay there Thursday and Friday night and be in Nashville proper for the rest of the time, I think. The Red Wings are playing the Predators Thanksgiving evening.

RickQ and I will be around and are interested.

Are we talking about Nashville and Las Vegas, because on my map they aren’t remotely close to one another. I am, however, someplace on the in-between route. Nashville is possible, but not thanksgiving weekend thats for sure.

I’m talking about Nashville and I sure hope we’re *all * talking about Nashville. We live just south of Macon so we don’t get up to Nashville at all except for special occasions. The Red Wings are a special occasion, because they don’t play ATL at home.

So far, we have -
Nawth Chucka

And maybe -
Cub Mistress

Our only unavailability is Thursday evening, 6:30 - 10pm.


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Well, we’ve got 3 days (roughly) following Turkey Day. Does anyone have a preference? I’m not sure how bad the mobs (if any) will be on Black Friday, but certainly places will be heavier on Saturday and Sunday (especially if they’re near a mall).

I’m in!

Great! Any suggestions for place or date/time?

Right. We’ll be in Nashville in 8 days. Anyone have a fave watering hole? Will it be open Friday or Saturday?

I’ll toss out some suggestions:
Ceaser’s on White Bridge Rd (good Italian food)
Green Hills Grill
Macaroni Grill
Pie in the Sky
Wolfgang Puck’s
La Paz
I’m open to pretty much anything, so if there’s some place not listed you’d like to go, feel free to toss it out.

Pie in the Sky sounds intriguing, can I assume it’s a dessert place? Do they have a bar?

I think I can do w/o the Ers de Hoot.

Shogun is a Japanese steakhouse, right? I’m up for that.

It’s actually a pizza place.

Commie! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup. Though now that I think about it, their quality has gone down recently, but Omikoshi, while not as good as Shogun at it’s best, is fine, and less expensive.

Oh, and PitS does have a bar.

That sounds like it may be our best bet; pizza joints usually have different options for various eating styles; even when I was a vegetarian I could eat at a pizza place.
Also, hooray bar! Hopefully not too smoky a bar, tho?