Ashokan Farewell- Have you ever seen something like this?

I’m sure many people are familiar with the tune “Ashokan Farewell” It’s probably best known as the theme music to Ken Burn’s documentary, the Civil War, and the mournful tune is quite popular.

Anyway, today I was at our local Farmer’s Market. A young man who plays the violin has played there on Saturdays for years, busking money for school trips. Now the donations jar is marked “College Fund”

I’d passed by without stopping. Sometimes there’s a couple of people listening, most just pass as I did. When I was in the next aisle over I heard him begin to play “Ashokan Farewell” and as I LOVE that piece of music I went back to listen. And by golly lots of others were doing the same thing. I’d never seen that many, maybe thirty, stop to listen. And of course our money went into the jar afterwards, to the benefit of his College Fund.

Have you ever seen a street performer draw a crowd with just a single piece of music, like this?

Cue Joshua Bell’s opposite experience.