Asian characters - what does this say?

I received these wall hangings from my grandmother recently. I think she got them in Japan, but I’m not sure.

I was hoping someone might be able to tell me what language it is, and what it says. Thanks in advance if anyone has any clues!

Hanging 1
Hanging 2

It’s Chinese. Someone will be along shortly who can translate. The most I can make out is that the 3rd character in the second picture loks like “gold[en]”.

My guess (based upon knowledge of Japanese, not Chinese) is that they’re seasonal flowers. There are likely 2 more in the set.

My guess at the characters are:

秋 金華 = Fall, “Golden Flower” (also a flower’s name in Japanese, but the flower doesn’t look anything like that represented in the hanging)

冬珍梅淀 = Winter, some kind of plum blossom.