Asimov's Foundation on film: who'll be The Mule

aintitcoolnews is reporting that Fox has hired a writer to script two Foundation movies (why not three or more?)

Assuming this happens and these films get made, who should play “The Mule?”

Francis, of course.

Paul Rubens

Willem Dafoe would be good if he was just a bit shorter.

Vern Troyer?


I don’t know why, but way before Adrian Brody got famous, I imagined that the Mule looked a lot like Brody. I think he’d be perfect.

Was the Mule supposed to be all that short? My memory is failing me on that point.

Hmmm … I’ll have to make an effort to re-read the original Foundation trilogy in anticipation of the movies. I always wanted to see them put to film.


Quite obviously, sir, your talent has gone to waste in this particular thread.

I just hope they also do the second Foundation Trilogy by the Killer Bs. It was pretty d@mn good in its own right.

Woody Allen comes pretty close to the image I’ve always had in mind of the Mule.

Ed Norton. He’s a good enough actor.

Bordelond – I agree, Adrian Brody would be great. He can also act, an asset M. Troyer lacks.

Steve Buscemi.

Kevin Spacey.

Jar-Jar Binks.

Brad Dourif

Ray Romano

When I read the books, I always pictured the Mule as looking like Perry Farrell from Jane’s Addiction.

I immediately thought of Adrian Brody, too.

I always imagined him as rather short and kinda hairy. I’m thinking Robin Williams with maybe James Earl Jones doing the overdubs.

Adrain Brody is a safe bet. Hes got the right nose. Plus he’d be quite good as the confident/in control/bitter mule you see in Second Foundation.