Asimov's Foundation on film: who'll be The Mule

25 years ago, when I read the bboks, I kept picturing Jamie Farr–but I guess he’s too old now.

Someone tall and skinny, sort of gangly. I think Adrian Brody could pull it off.

Now I have to double check, but I am certain the Mule was a dwarf or of dwarvish proportions. Not tall, skinny or gangly in any way.

For the record – and to inadvertently display my age and when I first read the books – I always pictured Michael Dunn as the Mule

either Danny DeVito or Sharon Stone

Now let’s see – I do recall some parts of the book where Asimov describes the Mule sitting or crouching with his long skinny arms and legs all folded up.

The Muke might not be tall, but I’m pretty certain that he’s spindly and frail.

Brody could still play a smallish Mule. The director could just use some Hobbit-style perspective shots and prop tricks to convey the size of the character.

The Mule’s alter ego was called Magnifico Giganticus. Sounds pretty tall to me, although the name could be ironic.

I still say that Jar-Jar Binks would make a great Mule. No one would ever expect that boob to be conquerer of the First Foundation and ruler of the Galaxy.

How about the little guy who used to sell Munchkins for Dunkin Donuts?

That “nickname” is intended to be ironic, but I still don’t think the Mule is dwarfish. I really need to skim the books and ferret this out, but I’m think that the Mule is, say, something like a 5’2" man in a world of six-footers.

The Mule is short, skinny, with long, supple limbs (he’s an acrobat/contortionist/clown) and a hugely beaked nose.

And I agree that Jamie Farr would have been great back in his younger days.

Note that nobody ever actually saw Magnifico Gigantus (or at least, knew that they saw him), and he was reputed to be monstrously strong. The real Mule, by contrast, was completely physically unimpressive. It’s not essential to the character that he be skinny and lanky with long arms and legs, but he absolutely must not be well-toned, muscular, or otherwise imposing.

I’m pretty sure the Mule was tall and skinny. On the other hand, I could be wrong.

I second Steve Buscemi.

Tony Shalhoub