Ask a Gamer

Several threads have come up lately on the subject of Roleplaying Games. Some of you may be puzzled by all this crazy moon language about hit points, armor class and quivering palms. I’d like to take this opportunity to bridge the gap between gamers and normal people, to foster an atmosphere of understanding. Please, feel free to ask me any question you might have about this fascinating hobby.

I’m a half elf, half hobbit half dwarf. I’m a female warrior magician theif with passive agressive tendencies and conflicting feelings about my mother. I’ve been travelling through the Ruins of Chulutu, past the Swamp of Dagondola, and through the Mountain Pass of Helenathea. While trying to pass by the dreaded Graftar and his claws of despair to secure the +2 pixie stick, I have suddenly discovered that one of my troupe may be trying to betray me. Should I feed him to the Graftar, or would it be better to save his corpse for when I run out of food later down the trail and feel a bit peckish?

Enderw23 wrote:

Speaking from personal experience, never ever feed a party member to the Graftar – you’ll never hear the end of it. On the other hand, adventurers are generally gamey, and treason makes them stringy. To soften the traitor, and add a hint of tanginess, arrange to have him swallowed by a Mouthy Tuber. Roast them both with the six-die spell of your choice. Slice to the desired thickness and serve on Lembas Wafers ™. You can accompany your meal with a flask of brackish water. Look for water that is grayish with yellow-green sediments.