Ask Hulk.

Hulk want people to ask things.
Ask hulk things or he will destroy!

What makes Hulk mad?


Things that make Hulk mad:
Puny Banner
No clothes in hulk’s size. Only thing fit Hulk is purple shorts
People that don’t think about hulk’s feelings. hulk has feelings. hulk is not a animal.
World hunger

Has Hulk tried the store Big and Tall?

Yes. They kicked out hulk because hulk had no shirt or shoes on. That made hulk mad. Hulk destroyed that big and tall store and then the army shot hulk with missles… Grrr… That made hulk mad.

I simply cannot believe Hulk has enough patience to wait for pages to refresh, or to answer questions. But perhaps he’s getting Banner-ish in his, uh, old age…

Does Hulk actually expect his new movie to top that of Spiderman? Daredevil? X-Men?

Do not answer questions Hulk is going to answer. That would make me mad. And when I get mad, I SMASH PUNY HUMANS!

Yes, hulk believes that. Hulk thinks it will, heh, SMASH them out of the box office. It will be the biggest movie in the world, because it contains me!

Why does Bruce Banner wear only purple slacks? Every time he’s in charge, he must opt for them. On second thought, why do your pants sometimes turn purple when Banner was clearly wearing blue?

Complete this song:
Doc Bruce Banner
Belted by gamma rays
Turns into the Hulk
(miff flug um amma ays)

Can I talk to the Grey Hulk instead? Joe?

Have you hooked up with Og yet?

Hulk will tell you a secret: Banners favourite color is purple.
Hulk also thinks that the radiation that made hulk also turns banners clothes into purple slacks and makes his shirt disappaear.
Hulk tried to explain it to banner one time when hulk and him separated. banner thought hulk was wrong :frowning: .

I still hold that Hulk’s continued use of the first person indicates a lessening of Hulk’s powers…perhaps Hulk could use a nap. (or a slap…I recall that even a little pain would set old Bixby off.)

Doc Bruce Banner,
Belted by gamma rays,
Turned into the Hulk.
Ain’t he unglamo-rays!
Wreckin’ the town
With the power of a bull,
Ain’t no monster clown
Who is that lovable?
It’s ever lovin’ Hulk! HULK!! HULK!!"
Hulk’s favourite song.

First Hulk “only want to be left alone;” now all Hulk want to do is talk.

Hulk remind me a lot of my last girlfriend.

Grey Hulk is gone. There is only hulk and Banner now.

Who is Og compared to Hulk? He is nothing. Hulk is the true SMASH-er, and only hulk will win. Hulk cannot be defeated!

Hulk has gotten smarter… But I am still more powerful than any of you humans and I will SMASH anyone who disagrees!