Ask Qazzz

Yes ask me anything. Pleassssssssssssssssssse. :slight_smile:

Is the last “z” silent?

Myanmar or Burma?

What’s that thing hanging out of your ear? I think it just moved.

Boxers or briefs? Do you like pie? How about pi? How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? Do you really see angels dancing on the heads of pins? If you have, have you been to your doctor for a checkup lately? Pepsi or coke? Folger’s or Maxwell House? Do you have any WMDs? Can I play with them?

  1. Does a duck’s quack echo?
  2. Where is the missing dollar?
  3. What is the third word ending in “gry”?

Wowzers look at all of them!

  1. The last two Z’s are silent.
  2. Burma
  3. Earwax bunny
  4. a) briefs b) Yes, especially pumpkin c) Ugh, it’s so irrational d) Depends on the pin e) No f) N/A g) Pepsi h) Indifferent i) Not that I know of j) You have to play with me first
  5. a) No b) In your head c) there are more than three

Yayyyyyy! :cool:

What do you like to play? Do you like playing cowboys? Doctor? Leather Bikers? :wink:

Actually, a ducks quack does echo.

Did you know qat is a word? Excellent word for scrabble.

Is it wise to use paper clips as tooth picks?

Shoot a duck! I’m so stupid. :frowning: A duck’s quack does echo.

Ah well.

You can ask me things about my personal life, though!

You’ve said before that you’re a slut. Are you still?
Cut or uncut?
Any more at home like you?

Do you have a sister?

How do you pronounce your name?
Kazz, Kwazz, Kahz, kwahs…?

Do you have any pets?

Ford or Chevy?

Slut: Yes, but in a very guilty, abandoned sort of way
Cut: Yes
More at home: No
Sister: Yes, she’s 27 and has been married and divorced twice…
Pronunciation: KAZ
Pets: None here in Chicago, but I have the cutest, floofiest kitty back in Ohio named Odie. She’s a black and white Maine Coon and she’s so fluffy that her hair is like feathers. I love her and miss her so badly.
Cars: I guess I’d have to go with Ford.

Cubs or Sox? -do not make desicion based on this years final record for both teams.

Baseball: NEITHERRRRRRRRRRRRRR – I take the Red Line every day past both teams’ fields. When there are games, the most obnoxious, beligerent, smelly fans accost the train…

Your username sounds very vaguely pornographic to me.

Am I mistaken?

Oh and

What ever happened to all our Snowdens of yesteryear?