Ask the 1950s Style ex-Teddy Boy

At the request of a couple of members I invite you to ask me about my time in the 1950s as a Ted.

Just a brief outline and then it’s over to you.

It was 1956 when I bought my first Teddy Boy regalia, 3 piece suit with drape jacket in powder blue, velvet collars, cuffs and pocket flaps.

2 Shirts, one white the other pink, pair of pink :eek: suede beetle crusher shoes with 2" foam soles, 3 pairs of socks, pink, lime green and bright red.

2 bootlace ties, one with a buffalo head fastener the other with a skull and crossbone.

In our “gang” there were 8 of us and no we were not hooligans altho’ other “gangs” did get a bad reputation.

I’ll probably kill the thread stone dead by telling you why we became Teds but here goes.

Everybody wore grey flannel pants, sensible shoes, black or grey socks and all this was so fucking boring , we wanted to be different and different we were.

Men had sensible haircuts “Short back and sides” all the sodding time…we decided that wasn’t for us and luckily Tony Curtis had the ideal hairstyle so that was it.

A Tony Curtis with a DA (ducks arse) 1½ pounds of Brylcreem® slapped on and boy we were ready to take all that the world could throw at us.

Over to you, if you’re at all bothered that is

OH come on, you don’t have a photo?

I was asked for one in the other thread and I explained that I once had a whole bunch in B&W but along the way they got lost., I am 66 y’know :stuck_out_tongue:

If I had any I’d post 'em, sorry

Did you walk around the streets with giant codpieces on, committing acts of ultraviolence and giving the old in-out, in-out to some devotchkas?

Yep and we all carried 1950s style Walkmans blasting out Beethovens 5th, LOUDLY

This is you , right? :slight_smile:

Googling is giving me a vague idea that you’re referring to some kind of fashion trend, but would you mind telling us, in your own words, what it means to be a Teddy Boy? Was this fashion choice associated with any particular kind of behavior? Did you, personally, embody that behavior as well?

Mein Gott!

Not me, shoes are wrong colour but coat is just right

As I said in my OP it was a kind of protest against the dull and ever so boring clothing that was considered to be “proper” attire.

Behavior varied from group to group. Most of us were honest hard working guys but as I said there were always the few dipsticks who thought it cool to fight for no reason.

Personally speaking, most of us were more concerned with keeping our clothes clean and our hair nicely combed.

We took a great deal of pride in our appearance unlike the kids today who look so bloody scruffy

Did you and your fellow Teds really dislike Mods, get into fights with them, etc., or was that just the aforementioned dipsticks (I’m sure there were some on both sides)?

You’re confusing Teds with Rockers.

The Mods and Rockers business was in the mid 1960s by which time I was almost married and my days put behind me by order of my future wife.

Rockers rode motorcyles which would have seriously blown our hair about :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, I think that’s pretty classy.

I always get a bang out of chowder’s posts, and picturing him in this suit of clothes is causing me to feel serious admiration. Except the shoes, of course!

Though I do have reservations about beetle-crushers, whatever they are…

The coat is about right apart from the fact that mine didn’t have slant pockets, mine were straight …for a reason.

I could have a fake handerchief in the pocket, by fake I mean a piece of stiff cardboard with a bit of material sewn on in 2,3,4 peaks or straight edged.

Effective but fucking useless for blowing your conk on

Did drainpipe jeans lead to a lifetime of compressed testes?

I’ve been wondering what “Teddy Boys” were ever since hearing The Kinks sing about them, but my curiosity was never enough to impel me to actually look it up or anything. I sorta had the odd mental image of boys dressed up either as teddies (the bear) or in teddies (the lingerie), but neither of those seemed right.

What was “your” music as a Teddy Boy?

As a Teddy Boy, what did you do for a night out? What kind of music did you listen to? What kind of place did you frequent?

Can’t you take a photo of the cave drawing that depicts you and your friends?

What did/do you think of the Rockers, the Mods and the 1950s-style skinheads?

What are beetle crusher shoes, exactly?