Old Clothing brands

I was talking to a friend about brands that were popular in highschool which you don’t hear much about anymore.

Here’s the list we came out with:

-Chip & Pepper
-Cross Colours
-British Knights shoes (and some clothes!)

Any other brands?

Remember when Coca-Cola branded things were cool?

Osh Kosh B’Gosh?

Hang Ten.

I was going to say OP (Ocean Pacific), but it seems that they’re making a comeback.

Yeah, I was going to say OP too but they’re selling the brand at Walmart.

I loved Hang Ten. I used to have a couple of their shirts. They fit well and were stylish to boot.

No love for Big Dog? <wince>
Or Umbros? God, you weren’t nobody if you didn’t have some of them Umbros shorts. I didn’t.

ETA - Big Johnson shirts!

Big Dog stuff is still around - I don’t think it’s popular with high school kids, though!

I didn’t have any Umbros, either :frowning:

Are the Co-Ed Naked <sport> clothes still around?

Ah, yes Big Johnson. I remember when those along with the Coed Naked shirts were banned at my high school.
Howabout Jordache, are they still around. I also remember Mossimo being pretty big.
And I recall shirts with various Looney Tunes characters in gangster poses were pretty popular in the 1990s.

Are Filas still cool with the kids?

Here’s some other ones:

-Hypercolor. Had one of their shirts, the thermal effect didn’t work for shit.
-LA Gear

Vuarnet were and are (skiing) sunglasses. The t-shirts were a side affair, just like Coke (and to lesser extent, Pepsi) stuff

Some of what’s been referenced (Stussy, Hang Ten, OP) are surf culcture clothes.

Osh Kosh is for little kids - it’s still around.

I too had Umbros.

Great for drawing attention to sweaty pits. Genera as a whole, not just Hypercolor, is a good call.

Last I saw, this stuff is sold a Target

Back in the Pleistocene age, Dittos jeans were extremely popular. That would be the 1970s, for you kiddies. They had a particular type of “saddle cut” style of tailoring that was flattering to a girl’s butt, and they came in brushed twill of various colors. So I guess they weren’t jeans at all.

I think I saved a pair for nostalgia’s sake and still have it way in the back of my closet.

Aww, I came in here to mention Dittos, and I thought I was going to make it all the way through the replies without anybody beating me to it! :slight_smile:

A few more:
(uh-oh!) Sergio Valente
Angel Flight
(ooh la-la!) Sassoon

(I used to have several pairs of designer jeans when I was in early high school–despite the fact that I was a nerdy kid who really had no interest in fashion. I just liked the jeans. And they were comfortable and didn’t look trashy.) The Sassoons were the most comfortable, followed by the Sergios.

Thank you! I was going crazy trying to remember the name. My daughter nagged and nagged until she got a pair of Brittania jeans.

Going farther back (the 50’s), I remember my mom being quite proud of her Pendleton jacket (plaid, could be worn as a shirt, kinda mannish), and later, a London Fog coat. I think London Fog is still around. Not sure about Pendleton.

Are Sedgefield jeans still around? IIRC, their slogan was “The jeans with the physical fit”

Another of those “You were nobody if you didn’t have…” was (natually enough) Members Only.

Benetton. I think that’s the spelling.

I remember it! I used to laugh when I saw a young gal with “BUM” splayed across her ass! Were they trying to say “I’m a BUM?”

There was also IOU. Anybody remember that brand?

I hadn’t thought of IOU in forever, but I do remember it, now that you mention it.

I used to love Ikeda jeans and Sun Ice ski jackets.