Ask the 1950s Style ex-Teddy Boy

Ignorance fought! From the title, I was picturing something like this, but wearing a teddy instead of leather.

For anyone interested (UK) there is a programme on BBC2 tonight, Tuesday Nov 4th about street fashion.

Teddy Boys are featured prominently. Who knows, they may have been secretly filming me.

Aaaaaaaaaah! Zombie Teddy Boys!

Re-read this thread and find it very fascinating! Chowder, I wanted to ask, what became of your style after your teens? How did you dress in the 60s, 70s through to today? Did you save any of your beloved suits?

Well I got married aged 22 after a stint in the army. I signed up, conscription missed me and I figured as the country had taken care of me then it was time I gave something back.

I saved my first suit until my wife turfed it out ::sob::

My style of dress after my Teddy Boy days were over were more or less conservative and in line with the fashion of the day.

I was a married man y’see:D, I had responsibilities and much of my dress sense was dictated to by 'er indoors so to speak.

It made sense really, I was more likely to find employment dressed decently than to roll up for a job interview dressed in full Ted regalia.

I’m now almost 67 so my clothing is still conservative altho’ my good wife passed away some years ago:(

That said I do not have my pants up around my armpits:D

That last bit made me lol. Excellent thread, and excellent threads, chowder.

I don’t care for (the presenter) Robert Elms, but the Teddy Boy and Mod sections of the programme last night were neat…
Meurglys, more of a hippie…