Ask the 20 year old college boy at the prime of his life

I’m young. I know everything. GIRLS, alcohol, parties…all nightly things for me. So go ahead! Ask away. With all the “ask the…” threads, I thought I should represent the college boys.

I must warn you though, my responses may be slow…because I AM in college, and the college weekend has just started. So my trips to the computer will be few and far between.

I would like to pre-emptively denounce Conti’s responses and point out that he does not speak for all 20-year-old college boys. :wink:

I think it’s kinda sad that people still consider “being 20” as being in the prime of their life.

Prime ? It’s divisible by 2, 4, 5, and 10.


What is your greatest goal for when you are forty?

kakkerlack… we all know what he meant.

“is AT his prime” so he claims.

Yeah, I gotta go with the, “Do you really think 20 is the prime of your life?” crowd.

What are you thinking?

Settle down, guys. Being stupid is what college is all about. Some day he’ll grow up and get a job and maybe, God help us, a family, and he’ll start to see what more there is to life.

But hey, for now, let’s party!


I recall a recent survey where they asked lots of elderly men when the prime of their life was. The average answer was 30. When they had some respect in their job, were making better money, still appealled to younger girls and lost a bit of the cocky attitude. Nothing wrong with twenty, but it gets better.

[everyone stay calm,this is a hi-jack]
Yeah, I remember when I considered 30 to be over the hill…

I gave an 18yr old hitchhiker-girl a ride the other day,afterwards she was asking a lot of “does he have a girlfriend” type questions about me(small town).(I pretend not to see her since then)

Fercrissakes youngin’ IM 32, when I was 18 I wouldn’t even look at 32yr olds,they were over the hill,run along now…

By the way, be careful about making alcohol a nightly thing. We’re not all well-connected enough to become President.

As seen on d12’s calendar:

College: My parents and my liver paid dearly!