Ask the almost 30 year old schlep in Louisville,KY

Well, I haven’t done one of these in forever. So here I am, with Ask the almost 30 year old schlep in Louisville, KY. That schlep, of course, is me. Anything you want to know, ask. My life is an open book. Not really an exciting one, though.

Where the heck have you been??
What did you get for Christmas?
Do you chew your fingernails?
Have you seen my red hat?
[sub]not very exciting questions either, I fear…[/sub]

So…do you go to the Derby every year? Any year? If so, for what reason? (party/get drunk/gamble/look at funny hats/sport)

Do you live near any breeding facilities that you know of? If so, which ones?

Do you have any interest in horse racing?

In order:

-I’ve been hither, thither, and would have been yon could I have found it. There’s a lot going on, family-wise (reference my other thread in this forum), so I’ve been trying to take care of that. Any advice on that is appreciated.

-I got a pretty bad Xmas, but only because my mother’s been “sick” (again, see other thread). We didn’t even have the usual family get-together. She just wanted everyone to come by and get their stuff.

-Obsessively. Down to the nubs, to where they sometimes bleed, and the top layer of skin comes off.

-Nope. It’s probably with MY red hat, which I lost in the Grassroots bar when I was at LAST year’s NYC Dopefest.

Nope. I try to avoid it like the plague. I actually try to be out of town when it occurs. Otherwise, I don’t even set foot out of the apartment. I’ve lived here my whole life, and never bee.

Nope. None that I know of.


I’ve been to Churchill Downs a few times for non-derby racing. It’s okay. but I can’t watch it on TV, and I try to stay online or watching cable aroun the first weekend in May.