Louisvillians (and anyone in the vicinity), unite!

After years in California, I moved back to my home state of Kentucky a few months ago. Obviously, this should be celebrated … or complained about. Your pick!

But given my long absence from the area, I am not the most qualified to select the niftiest place to get together. Superdude, perhaps, could make a suggestion, or one of the other Louisvillians frequenting the board.

If anyone from Lexington or other nearby burgs would like to come as well, that would be lovely.

Oh, gee…just so there’s no pressure… :smiley:

My suggestions for where to have a get-together would probably depend on the level of debauchery we plan on sustaining.

Welcome back! Just in time for spring. You must go to the Derby, of course.

My in-laws are in Louisville.

Too bad I hate them, or I’d visit ya both!

I’m about 2 hours from Louisville, and if there is a get-together and the timing is right, I’d love to come! :slight_smile:

Hey, Superdude, where’d we eat when we hung out a few years ago? Some kind of low-key Italian joint?

Depending on when and where, I might be able to show up.

Crap! What was the name of that place?

Was it Clifton’s?

Lexingtonian-who-may-relocate-to-Louisville here.

A firm maybe.

You know, it might have been. The pictures look vaguely familiar, and I was thinking that the place we went was in the Crescent Hill area.

I’m in Shelby County. Derby time is coming up. I’ve already got a pin. I hear the distant sounds of Thunder…

A Doper Derby party could be cool.

That’s not a bad idea, NicePete.

Hello! from Lexington.

There is a slight chance I could participate in an upcoming Louisville mini-DopeFest. These next six weeks will be exceptionally busy for me mostly due to my senior engineering design course project and exams for other courses. The SDMB extends my leisure time quite a bit as it is :slight_smile: .

I post on here infrequently and am not likely recognized by all of you, but I instantly recognize all of you especially (but not excusively) from the Kentucky knowledge poll thread. I estimate that I only post to about 1 out of every 100 threads that I read.

On Derby Day, I typically go to Keeneland and watch/bet on the races (see post #18 in this thread ), but those plans are not set in stone.

Poo! I missed that thread! Why didn’t someone alert me??

Why don’t y’all come over HERE and go to Keeneland and see me! :wink: I am way too tied down at the moment to go to Louisville (city of my birth).

Perhaps we should start kicking around suitable dates.