Lexington Dopefest? (Help me decide!)

OK, I’m thinking about holding a Dopefest here in Lexington. First, I need to know who might come and when they would be free, so check in if you’re interested.

There’s several good restaurants, the Toyota plant, Joseph-Beth Booksellers and a couple of museums.

Y’all need to come up to Indianapolis! Or, we could meet in Cincy and have a Tri-State Dope Fest! Let me know.

Hey, I’m game for the area. I live in the Louisville area, and both Indy and Lexington (not to mention Cincy) are pretty close.

OK, so we have a maybe and a “come here instead.”


Hey… maybe! Maybe even “probably”. I’m just a wee bit south of you (it rhymes with “Lichmond”).

(Sorry for the one more “maybe” vote–it just depends on “when”!)

Try e-mailing some of the people from this thread. They’re in your area, brianjedi. I’d love to meet some more Dopers, but we’ve got some family stuff going on.

I could also be a maybe. I may even be down there in the next couple of weeks for business porpoises. So if you build it, they might be come. Ditto Indy.

Of course Cincy is lovely this time of year.

Who the hell am I kidding, it’s really not. But Rue is organizing a hike this Saturday near Dayton, which may well turn into an Air Force Museum tour if it’s too cold for us. We’re wusses in these parts.