Ask the American

You mean those countries without hyper-inflated opinions of their own world standing? I get ya. :wink:

Actually, he’s not far off. (seriously). :wink:

What language do Americans speak? What are some of their native customs?

If you were sitting in your very large Ford 350 pickup truck and were asked if you would blow a man away with your .44 Smith & Wesson for the price of a Big Mac, how would you evaluate the situation. Would it be better to kill the man for the price of one cartridge or just buy a Big Mac Value Meal yourself?

Hey, if you got a hyper-inflated opinion of your own world standing, flaunt it

The price of a Big Mac? Sheet, dude better be standing there with Big Mac in hand before most Americans would even consider the proposition.

Americans speak English, which was taught to us by our poodles.

Our main custom is bitch-slapping. The world is our bitch.

Then comes praying. We pray devoutly that the rest of the world understands our superiority and bends over. Using the lash gets tiring.

This won’t be an issue once the plan to substitute ammunition for currency is complete. A .22 caliber will replace the penny, a .32 the nickel, a .38 will be a quarter, a .44 a dollar, and a .50 will be the five dollar bill. You can make $5 payments from thousand yards away.

The Euro will be replaced by the 9 mm.