Ask the American

I’ve been an American all my life. I know it all. Go ahead and ask.

*pulls up a lawn chair, opens a Budweiser *

Why do Americans say “doody” instead of “duty”?

I kept giggling during the West Wing yesterday, cos Pres. Bartlett kept going on about “serving in the name of doody” and it sounded like he was talking about poop.

Where from in the US? Since most of my questions would be area-related.

But what’s everyday America like? Yeah, pretty complex question. But how much of what we get from Hollywood and TV-shows about every-day-life is correct?

(I’d be happy to further elaborate on this question if needed)

What is it like to live in California? What is it like to live in New York or somewhere else on the East Coast? What was it like to live overseas as an American?

What kinds of foods do Americans like to eat?

So what’s the deal with ketchup on hotdogs? ::d&r::

Are you still in contact with Jay?

What’s the big misconception about Americans that you get from foreigners?

Do you consider the US the greatest country in the world? Why or why not? What are the runner-ups?

In southern California everyone is beautiful. Visitors are soonn shamed into leaving.

In northern California everyone is stoned. Visitors are too buzzed to leave.

Maybe your assessment was correct, and he was bemoaning his job conditions? A bit more dialogue - for context purposes - might be appreciated.

Meanwhile, Boyo Jim, can you tell me how American’s define the word ‘humility’?

In America, there is no difference between duty and doody.

America is exactly like Hollywood movies, but with uglier people and slightly less gunfire and explosions.

Anything that doesn’t squirm on the plate. Deep-fried is better.

And here I was expecting a slightly more serious answer… but I guess that’ll do.

Since President Reagan determined ketchup is a vegetable, it has become our main healthy condiment.

Ah, so the cry of “marines, do your duty” is actually a call for a latrine break.

This makes sense of a number of films I have recently watched.

They think they’re as good as us. :stuck_out_tongue:

Everyone worth listening to considers America the greatest country in the world. Only Americans are wrth listening to.

Canada is America Lite – nearly as good as us, and with cute accents.

Jay hangs out with Silent Bob these days.

Something other countries feel.