Ask the Anti-Cecil

Fighting the Truth since 4001 B. C. (Stands for Before Carrots)


So we have Uncle Cecil, and now Anti-Cecil. Where are all the cousin Cecils?

What are all the words ending in ‘gry’?

In common with all good antitheses, you must speak in a faux-british accent. So I assume you pronounce it “seh-sill”?

Can you provide a link to Threadhiding?

Will you and Cecil annihilate when combined?

In Hegelian dialectic, do a Cecil and an AntiCecil imply the existence of a SyntheCecil? Also, do these pants fit me?

Meant to start new thread…

So what happens if I bring my treadmill on a plane?

Does an echo’s quack duck?

If “The Lord of the Rings” had been written by J.R.R. Tolkien

Who erased the Bible?

Why does the porridge bird lay his eggs in the air?

Why does the platypus?

Where are all the baby pigeons?

How many tootsie-roll pops to the center of a lick?

Why do the buttons on a drive-thru ATM machine have Braille on them?

Are we nearly there yet?

Can I have $50,000?

You’re doing a great job at* not* answering our questions. You really are the Anti-Cecil!

Why is a crooked letter. (It was arrested for embezzelment.)