I challange you all

Yes I’m posting a challenge, a debate over Cecil’s presumed over-mind and his mere existence.

Cecil is not smart, not smarter than what typing and searching on the internet is worth, and dialing on the phone.

My arguments stand, what has he ever done that has been of external value? Has he won a prize? What has this man done besides given us trivial facts about triviality. Let’s not forget that the facts are not his. He is just using the secondary data. he is not positivistic, not hermeneutic. he is just a normal journalist who does research.

Perhaps he doesn’t even exist at all? Have you ever seen a picture of this man? Have someone met him in real life? Perhaps he’s just a creation of our collective minds. An illusion of anticipation and knowledge!!!

You see this boards works as an over-mind, Cecil is not the over-mind. We have college students who know about geography, psychology, sociology, art, agriculture. EVERYTHING is practically conjoined here. Together we create this huge central of knowledge. We complement each others flaws. That is the true over-mind. Not one single person. together, combined we are the smartest. Smarter than Cecil.

Think about it, why do you idolize this man? You believe in this all mighty omnipotent god who seems to know everything about nothing. That’s just it, it’s nothing. His work is not of importance. This is a big farce in my eyes. Here you all are trying to be perfect, chasing away the flaws which this “stone” seems to not have. Wake up and see the true person in that mirror, for it is me and you together.

Who idolizes him? I just think he puts out an entertaining column. Cecil smart? Yeah, he seems smart enough, but I don’t think many here really believe that the ability to search for answers to submitted questions qualifies anyone as a genius.

Why all the ire? Did Cecil pee in your cornflakes?

Well, I dont know about the rest of the dopers but I admire Cecil for doing something none of the “brilliant” people in this board thought of doing before Cecil. He Made this board.

LOL! Such silliness.

So much for the challenging debate. This is hardly one of the great questions of our time.
Take this to Cafe Society. That’s where they talk about celebrities.

how can the board be cecil and smarter than cecil at the same time?

i idolize cecil because it’s fun to do and now, also because it seems to bug you. added pleasure w/o the guilt. thanX


It appears to me that Cecil created this board. He is all knowing. We idolize and worship Him.

Then, Scorpio “Africanus” emerges seaking to destroy something that we have chosen to love.

Is Scorpio “Africanus” Cecil’s version of the Devil?

Wouldn’t it be crazy to find that he was once one of Cecil’s researchers. Cast out of the the library.

And now seaks to lure people away from Cecil and towards his own website? Very creepy.

A website of hellfire and damnation, where the viewer is denied the presence of the one true Cecil.

Ummm… Yeah. That’s what i meant too.

I call Shenanigans on you Scorpio “Africanus”.

[Sarcasm]Yeah, Cecil is overrated.

Sharing is a bunch of bull, too. And helping others. And what’s all this crap I’ve been hearing about tolerance?[/Sarcasm]

Well, since I (or WE) are the ones challenged, we have the choice of weapons! I choose…


I’ll see you under the dueling oaks near the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans tomorrow at dawn!

Mr simonX, This man be he in flesh or not is not the over-mind of this board. We are, maybe he created it. But for him his job is just to throw the bone to his dogs to work on.

So Cecil uses researchers of his own? I strongly question his competence, it looks more like others are doing his work for him. He is just capitalizing on others toil.

In any case. you show me this man, right here right now. show me a picture and I will believe in his existence as human made of flesh. Show me a theory of his and I shall start to raise my eyes. Make him ascend like a halo over the earth, speaking with a loud divine voice “Fear not, for I am the Alpha and the Omega itself. I know the divine truth about life, I am god, ruler of matter” Then I will not only open my eyes but I will go down on my four, open my mouth, drool and bark: “woof master, woof” just like you people.

Methinks Scorpio takes the whole “Perfect Master” thing a little too seriously. It’s all tounge-in-cheek, kiddo.

Little is known of Cecil beyond his divine decrees but this much is true: he speaketh through the prophet Zotti.


You are all losing your critic-abilities to a man who seems to fill your intellectual desires with nonsense.

You all linger in the hypno-phase, blinded by a highly narcissistic man who is wiping his ass with money as we speak.

I’m sure this is a nice hangout place for you to exercise your vocabulary and inclass acquired knowledge. But creating a culture for a man not so unlike yourself is pure madness.

Psalm 14-Straight Dope International Version

that supposed “bio” says nothing? It just further increases the speculation and the suspicion that the man is just a phantom. HE IS NOT REAL.

No one can prove his existence. How can you then prove his intelligence? I for one do not believe in this illusion. I am apparently the only one capable of seeing this fraud, this ghost, illusion or whatever.

I’m confused. Somewhere there’s a ghost that only one person can see, and it’s wiping its ass with a handful of change?

Do phantoms even HAVE asses to wipe? How do they hold the money to do it?

Burn him!