Ask the attention starved sycophant!

Woe is me! I posted this in Great Debates and it was locked before I coule even get insulted, let alone complimented on my charming wiles.

Poor thing.

Okay, here comes your first question:

Why is it that so very few companies have a theme song? Except for all that time I spent in the Navy, I can’t recall ever working for any company that had a theme song, and I’ve worked for two different restaurants, a liquor store, a trailer park and (count 'em) three companies that manufacture and distribute scientific laboratory equipment. Nary a chord progression in the bunch. Whussup with that?

Well really, why WOULD they have a theme song? I suppose some low-class restaurants do, but a lab equipment distributor?

You should have suggested Dueling Banjos for the trailer park. (Who the hell works in a trailer park anyway?)