What's the most hated TV Show music?

This exciting thread (Poll: Who’s the most hated TV character?) made me wonder if we might identify (and maybe have a poll on) the shittiest music on TV – now and forever.

My first two to come to mind are the “background” music on Grey’s Anatomy which finally drove me away from the show, and the ridiculous repeating theme on Lost in Space. I’m sorry if you happened to love either or both of those, and I won’t be surprised if you hate(d) some of my favorites.

But it ought to be fun building a list, right?

Links to YouTube would be great!

The theme song to Star Trek: Enterprise was pretty awful.

Edit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8OpsPok6iQ

Do they even play TV theme songs any more?.. I will agree with the melancholy songs blaring over any dialogue during Grey’s, very annoying. And I always LOVED the theme song and opening bits for Grey’s, now it’s never seen :(…

OK - The song from Friends - I loathe Friends anyhow, but the song just stinks in its own right.

Shows what I know – that was one of my favorite things about the show! :o;):smiley:

The song from Friends wouldn’t have been so loathsome if I hadn’t been forced to listen to it 10 zillion times when my daughter watched the show.

da da da da da da BATMAN!!

Agree. How about the theme from “The Brady Bunch”? I sing it when I’m in a vindictive mood and want to piss people off… :smiley:

Barney and Friends: I love you.

I think the reason so many people detested the Enterprise theme was because it wasn’t some kind of majestic piece of music composed for the series (or in the case of ST:TNG at least a redress of the theme from Star Trek: The Motion Picture), but rather a pop tune composed by Diane Warren and lifted from the film Patch Adams. It was also sung by a Rod Stewart soundalike.

While I like the theme song from Lou Grant, I think it was ill-suited to the show itself.

And the theme to The Dick Van Dyke Show is frustrating because it starts out as something you can hum along to and then kicks my sinuses right in the crotch.

You may pick up your first prize blue ribbon at the judge’s table.


It has wrecked my mind to realize that John Williams composed this monstrosity: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80TAVW3paBA

I also hate Storage Wars

“Greatest American Hero” Most annoying earworm!

You take that back!

I always liked King of Queens, but thought the theme song sounded so cheesy and generic it could have been used for 1000 different sitcoms.

If we want to talk about the greatest, that would be the closing theme to WKRP.

I actually think this theme is awesome in its bizarre split personality, but:

Space: 1999

I hate, hate, hate the theme tune to the otherwise excellent show Weeds. You know the one, it’s that god awful, drippy-hippyish, spiteful, sanctimonous, patronising, flat out nasty little ditty about how everyone who doesn’t flee the cities, join a commune and scrape a living hawking wood carvings and healing crystals is “All made out of ticky-tacky”. It’s the only song I’ve ever heard that makes me genuinely angry.

It’s Here if you really want to listen to it, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Stupid hippie bullshit…

Huh. I think that’s a fantastic song, though I’m familiar with the Pete Seeger version.

It’s not a song about people who refuse to flee cities and live in a commune. It’s about people who live in the suburbs. And if you ever take a look at suburbs, especially the early ones like Levittown, they can be soul-deadening. And ticky-tacky was a fairly accurate description of the quality of their building materials.