Ask the Chick Who's Three Months Pregnant

Yep, it’s that time again. In short: I’m finishing up my 16th week, and so far, so good. If you’re curious, here’s the backstory.

A quick summary of the last month:

The really big deal is that I had a bunch of tests done for cystic fibrosis, Down syndrome, fragile X syndrome, and a couple of other bad dudes whose names I didn’t catch. All of them came back negative or normal, which totally rocks. There are so many things that can go wrong, and I’m exceedingly grateful whenever we can rule out any of them.

They also got some awesome sonograms, and I got to not only see, but also *hear *the heartbeat: wish-wish-wish-wish-wish. Lumpy has all kinds of human features now: limbs, organs, a face, and whatnot. It was really squirmy, too, which was crazy to see, since I’m only just starting to get a belly, and can’t feel it moving or anything. (And that was my first real “mom moment”. The tech was having trouble getting a still shot, and I automatically apologized for Lumpy’s wiggliness. As though I could have done anything about it. :rolleyes:) We still don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl, though; we’ll probably find out in a couple of weeks when they do another scan. While I’m curious, I find I honestly don’t care one way or the other. I’m far more concerned with it being healthy than anything else.

They also thought I might be a week farther along, which I suppose is possible, but I don’t think so. More likely, Lumpy’s just big. So I have that to look forward to. My poor poon.

And though Lumpy’s big, I’m not. I still haven’t gained a lot of weight, only about 3 or 4 pounds total. Some of my pants no longer fit, and I did pick up a few maternity items that I haven’t worn yet, but I still look pretty normal. My husband and I can definitely see my belly, but I don’t know if a casual observer would notice. So the doc says I can increase my carbs a little. Yay carbs!

Overall, I’m feeling pretty goddamned normal. Cramps and rectal pains are now few and far between, the nausea is also rare, mild, and only comes when I’m going to bed (although I did barf the other night). I’m not really getting headaches, and I feel like I have most of my energy back. The one bummer was that I started having some severe back pain which made it hard to walk, climb stairs, and so on, but I put more padding on my side of the bed, and voila! I’m walkin’ like Christopher.

So! Any questions for the chick who doesn’t look or feel particularly different in any way*?

*ETA: Except for the rosacea. My face still looks like total crap. “Pregnant glow”, my ass. I’m glowing like Rudolph’s frakkin’ nose.

No questions, just want to say congratulations!

Would I be correct to anticipate six more installments of this series? :smiley:

No questions, really, just a big congratulations. We had our boys in February 2008 and August of last year, 18 months and a day apart, so we’ve been completely baby-centric for the past couple of years. I never used to understand parents who were so enthusiastic about other people having babies. Now I totally do. Parenthood is absolutely the best thing I’ve ever done, sleep/money/time-deprivation and all.

Trisomy 18. It’s a relief having those results come back OK, isn’t it?

I’ll be curious to hear how the gestational diabetes test goes in a couple of months, as my wife was one of the unfortunates who drew the GD card. Insulin-dependent, the whole deal. If you happen to end up diabetic, I’ll share we learned. Not so yay for carbs, it was.

Actually, that does prompt me to ask a question: have you done any testing for ketones?


Actually, those genetic tests should have also determined the chromosomal sex of the fetus. Ask your doctor(s) about it.

Glad to hear the pregnancy is going ok.

Have you looked into childbirth classes yet? There’s such a wide variety out there. My sister went for the maternity yoga classes. IIRC she signed up pretty early. 4th or 5th month? There was a waiting list. I’m amazed at how many choices in classes there are. The kid is going to come out after nine months with or without the classes. :wink:

Good advice, look now and register! I just barely got into the one I wanted, and I’m just 5 months pregnant now - the class doesn’t even start until July, but it’s apparently a popular one.

Oh man, that link’s not nearly as exciting as I was expecting.

That’s the plan! Or actually, since I’m doing them when I complete a month, five more, plus “Ask the Chick Whose Poor Poon Will Never Forgive Her, But At Least She Has This Awesome New Baby to Show For It”

That’s the bastard. And trisomy 13, too, I think.

I… do not know. I don’t think so, but it seems like they’ve taken urine and blood almost every visit, and I may have missed it in there somewhere. I’m pretty slim and healthy-ish, and I’ve never had an issue with blood glucose before, but apparently, that’s no guarantee. So keep your fingers crossed.


Well, they didn’t do any genetic tests on Lumpy. For the Down syndrome and trisomies, they did a nuchal translucency measurement and tested my blood for certain hormonal benchmarks. These tests can’t give a definitive diagnosis, but they can show indicators of increased risk. If we’d had any indicators, we could have then gone on to do amniocentesis or CVS or something. As for CF and fragile X, they just verified that I’m not a carrier.

But luckily, everything’s looking copacetic so far, so we’ll be finding out the sex the old-fashioned way, by visual inspection.

No, but I totally should.

Wow, I *really *should! I’d also love to find a swim or yoga class or something. Okay, I’m on it!

Oh, I see; you were hoping for a little bow-chicka-wow-wow description of the scene of the crime. Sorry about that. Well, how’s this: our sex life is still going strong, and aside from my husband’s half-joking comment, every goddamned time, about poking Lumpy in the head :rolleyes:, it’s totally hot. Not having to worry about contraception (or conception) is very freeing. We can just get freaky and let the… er, chips… fall where they may. And the ol’ vaj is definitely tighter now; it can even be a little *too *snug sometimes. As long as I don’t see myself nekkid in the mirror before we get it on (“Jesusgod, I’m fat!”), we have a great time.

No asking (as I have a 14-month-old, so I know how all this goes), but a suggestion. Have you thought of getting a Snuggie pillow? They really help if your back starts hurting in bed. They’re a bit pricey, but you could probably get one on eBay cheaper.

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