Ask the Chick Who's Two Months Pregnant

Finally! The hotly anticipated (:dubious:) sequel to Ask the Chick Who’s One Month Pregnant!

So, here I am, finishing up Week 11. One quarter of the pregnancy is over, but the fun is just beginning. Some notes:

  • We could see the heart beating at about 7.5 weeks, and even saw the little bugger do a couple of twitchy kick thingies on the last check-up, at about 9.5 weeks. That was pretty rad. Imagine a grey, fuzzy, roundish blob with a flickering smudge in the middle. Now picture that blob folding out and becoming more oblongish for a split second - like opening and closing your fist as fast as you can. See, doesn’t that sound positively magical?

By the way, I was surprised to discover that there are actually two ways to do an ultrasound on the uterus: externally through the abdomen as you see on the teevee, and internally through the vagina. Apparently, you get a much clearer, more accurate picture going the vaginal route.

  • My physical symptoms have still been pretty minimal so far. My breast sensitivity is largely (though not entirely) gone. My nausea, which was never that bad, has been going away gradually, and I haven’t yet puked. I haven’t even gained weight - not even a half pound. Oddly, though, I look a little as if I have. You wouldn’t notice if you saw me with clothes on, but my husband says (and I agree) that it looks like I’ve put on 5 or 10 pounds. I normally have a poochy tummy, so I don’t look pregnant; just a little fat. If it weren’t for the ultrasounds (and the no-period thing), I still might not know I was pregnant. The one really bothersome issue is that I can’t poop like I used to, and fear I never will again. I had the most awesome poops. Sigh.

  • When we got slammed with snow storms recently, I had a really strong craving for queso. Tried to eat other salty, spicy, or cheesy foods, and nothing satisfied me. It was bad enough that I trudged a couple of blocks through unplowed streets to get to the 7-11 (which was miraculously open!) to buy some. I had a huge bowlful of it with chips, and I guess that did the trick. I haven’t wanted it since.

  • Someone in the last thread asked whether I’d feel uncomfortable watching movies like Rosemary’s Baby or Alien. I don’t at all, but I realized that what does bother me now is all the shows I love on Discovery Health, like “Born Without a Face” and “Mystery Diagnosis: The Baby With a Rare, Crippling, Incurable Disease”. They don’t panic me or anything, but I figure I probably don’t need to add to my “Man, I hope *that *doesn’t happen!” list.

  • We’ve told one or two of our closest friends, but we’re not spreading the word for a while yet. I have some testing scheduled soon which will show indicators for a wide variety of defects and health issues, and I want to get that and any follow-up tests out of the way before we alert the media.

  • Everyone says your boobs will get bigger.

They lie.
Now your turn. Any questions?

Can I touch your stomach?

Try it and find out.

In your first thread, you said the baby is almost guaranteed not to look like yours. Can you explain? (I have an idea, but may be wrong).

How are your energy levels?

I kind of hated that stage where my symptoms mostly disappeared. It made me too nervous in between appts when I didn’t feel pregnant and had to wait to hear the heartbeat.

Are you planning on having the baby inside your pants?

Do you feel any guilt about contributing to the world’s overpopulation, thus hastening armegeddon in the form of wars over water access and corn riots as predicted by Nostrildammits?

Do you feel a presents of another person? Are you having different types of dreams?

Why would she be feeling someone else’s gifts?

Are you constantly aware of/thinking of your pregnancy, or do you go for awhile and then suddenly remember and get a little surprised?

(I’ve never been pregnant but that whole waiting an entire nine months seems like it would drive me insane.)

Boy or girl? Or surprise?

Have you picked out a name? Can I suggest another one? :smiley:

When your baby is born, may I kiss its face? I’ll give it back to you, I promise, I just think babies are cute and I like to cuddle them and kiss their plump cheeks.

Sorry to leave the thread hanging; the weekend kidnapped me.

My husband and I are of different races. In all the matchups I’ve seen of his v. mine, his wins hands down. That’s fine by me, since I think he’s a lot better-looking than I am, but it does mean I’m going to get a lot of “Oh, what a cute baby! Whose is it? Yours? Oh, so you adopted! Trying to be Angelina Jolie, huh? No? Oh. Well, then… why does it… look like… I mean, have those… ?”

So-so. Most days, I’m fine. I occasionally have pretty bad headaches in the evenings, and those knock me down for the count. Weekends, I’m usually wiped out. When there’s nothing I have to do, I do exactly that.

I get that, but personally, I’m too excited about feeling normal-ish again to worry about it. I’ve got shit to do.

I can only hope.

Nah. This is our first, so we’re not even at replacement rate yet. Plus, we both have family who will likely never reproduce, so I figure we can poop out at least 4 or 5 before we’re actually increasing the population. Not that we’re planning on that many, anyway.

That reminds me of one of my favorite jokes (but it’s much better in person, with the “voices”):

Darth Vader: Luke (hhhhhhh-chhhhh)! I know what you’re getting for Christmas (hhhhhhh-chhhhh)!
Luke: What? How could you possibly know that?
Darth Vader: (hhhhhhh-chhhhh) I felt your presents!

But the answers are No and Not really. I did have a dream about having the baby the other night, but I’ve had dreams about that before, so it’s not even an entirely new topic. I guess you could say it’s different in the sense that it was a good thing, and not, “Oh crap! I just had a baby!”

At first, it was the latter. Now, I go for a while and suddenly remember, but it’s not surprising at all. It’s like having an important appointment seven months from now. I know it’s there, and occasionally, I remember, and even think about it a bit, but for the most part, I just go about my business.

Don’t know yet, and haven’t decided whether it will be a surprise - I’m now leaning toward not. No name yet, either, though we have some contenders. All suggestions are welcomed.

Huh! Well how about that? My initial reaction was, “Jesusgod, it’s a baby, not a Tickle-Me-Elmo! Keep your germy lips to yourself!” I realize, of course, that this reaction is a little unreasonable. So yes, you certainly may hold, hug, and kiss the baby. But please remember: it is a sentient being who may not particulary desire your attentions, but is unable to stop you. Just as you might not want to be manhandled by everyone who thinks you’re cute, please respect that the baby might feel the same way. Wow, I’m going to be a fun mom. :rolleyes:

What’s the most unexpected symptom/feeling you’ve had so far? Some stuff they tell you about in the books, other stuff is just…weird.

Was there anything you expected to feel (physically and/or emotionally) that you aren’t feeling?

I think the weirdest surprise is that I have this gross sensation/taste on my tongue almost constantly. I’ve heard you can get a metallic taste; this isn’t that. The closest I can come to describing it is that it’s something like having a piece of very overcooked, very dry salmon on the back of my tongue. It’s kind of fishy and tangy and sour. Bleah.

As for things I’m not feeling, I’ve had depression for a number of years, and I went off meds for the pregnancy. I kind of expected to feel more mood swings, but luckily, I’ve had very few. Physically, I still have no boobs to speak of (although they still hurt plenty), and I’m still shedding hair. Those were two things I had heard happen to “everyone” - but apparently not.

I currently have a coworker who’s about 10 weeks ahead of you, and every now and then she blurts out an aspect of her pregnancy that makes her sound like a walking science experiment. It’s entertaining, but one of the best forms of mental birth control I’ve ever had; I am not mentally or financially prepared to have a baby, so seeing another person on a regular basis who is pregnant reminds me of this. Now, this question is assuming you’ve been around someone who went through most of their pregnancy with you around: does it feel a little strange to be on the other end of the experience?

Also, re: the fun mom bit, at least it has potential for you to not be the tickle torturer in the family for your child.

ETA: Your lack of boob expansion gives me hope for the possibility that I may ever go through pregnancy. I am not looking forward to the idea that my boobs will become even larger than before. (I’m a little out of proportion now, and if I ever get to a point where I look athletic rather than fatletic, I will be seriously out of proportion because of the boobs.) You may experience boob expansion later on in the pregnancy, though; I just hope for your sake it doesn’t go from “not much there” to “Bam! giant boobs!” all at once.

I haven’t had exactly the experience you’ve had. I’ve been around lots of pregnancies, but in a more peripheral fashion. But regardless, it’s a little strange to be pregnant, period.

No, that’ll be my husband.

The thing is, once you have a pregnant stomach, your boobs will look far *more *proportional. Besides, all pregnant women are beautiful, or something.

Aside from the fact that it would be painful, that would actually be kind of rad. It would be like my pubescent dreams finally coming true. And it would be *really *great if it could happen before I get a serious stomach, so I could finally look like a normal grown woman, at least for a little while.

It’s best if that doesn’t happen, though. I know I’d let it go to my head. I can just see me strutting around wearing low-cut tops, flirting with waiters to get free appetizers, intentionally speeding to see if I can get out of the ticket, and embarassing the hell out of my husband. Boobies are power, and power corrupts.

Definitely hold out some hope for that one. My boobs were majorly sore in the first trimester, but not much bigger, just swollen. Then about week 13 hit, and BAM! I’m roughly a cup and a half bigger than I started, and still growing. And the best part is, they stopped being sore about the same time they got huge.

If you find that happens to you, buy cheap bras at first, because they may not fit you for long anyway.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but babies don’t come out that hole…

What? ::Googles it:: Oh, no…
Well, I’m going to have to have a *talk *with my OBGYN, that’s for sure!

That’s what I figured you meant. A friend of mine is extremely fair and blond, and her husband is Black. She took to telling people, “[The baby] has my chin” when they were out and she was getting those types of comments.