Ask the Currently Incarcerated

Fire away.

Where and how are you posting?

I’m at the Eric Martin Pavilion posting via an HP Compaq with a ludicrously annoying keyboard.

Next question, please.

On the first day there, did you have to beat the crap out of the strongest guy to show everyone else you meant business?

What makes a better shiv: a filed down toothbrush or sharpened book spine?

What’s the average fermentation time on your toilet hooch?

Nah, I’m far too intelligent for mere physical violence.

Get back to me on that. Or figure it out yourself.

Define “hooch.”

What did you do and how long is your sentence? Do you expect to get out early? Are you guilty?

Ever made prison alcohol?

In July 2008, I made a conditional threat into an answering machine. My sentence is life, no parole.

I’m due to be sprung Wednesday at 10:00.

Aren’t we all guilty?

No, I don’t drink.

…never mind :rolleyes:

Can’t be done.

Eric Martin Pavilion appears to be a hospital. Could you be more specific about where you are incarcerated?

any fat girls want to be your “pen” pals… :smiley:

Sweet Jesus, I hope not.

Great username post combo. At least it made me laugh

Ward 4B.

Hey, do me a favour. Can anybody get me an IANAL? Is there an IANAL in the house?

My perception too. Is it also an institution for the criminally insane?

If so, how does it feel to be criminally insane?

You’re probably mentally ill too.

Why must I wait 60 seconds between posts? I have bipolar mania. Your website is not accommodating my disability. Have you ever heard of human rights legislation? Even in America?

No, that’s Colony Farm in Port Coquitlam.

Do you want me to wing this one?

This is your final warning. Stop trying to curtail my freedom of speech with your arbitrary posting rules and deadlines.

Jeeze, another t—l to feed. (insert all the rolleyes in the world)

Trolls need love too, you know.

I came in thinking it said, “Ask the Currently Incapacitated” and was going to post something, but on re-reading the subject … meh.