Ask the Cyber Dom/Sadist

Well…I figured I may as well chip in with A Pirori Tea and freakalette on answering about the various sundry worlds of…the world. :wink:

I don’t practice and have no intention to ever practice any fetishes in real life. I am mostly active in World of Warcraft, but I’ve also used IMVU and Second Life.

In WoW I am the unofficial top-domme of a group, though this doesn’t mean terribly much as as doms we mostly ignore each other and our relative pets. Generally it means that I’m the one who calls gatherings and watches the membership roster/club morale the closest. I personally have three very faithfull pets, one free-floating sub, another lady who isn’t terrribly into D/s but is more submissive than myself and attracted to me, and girlfriend with whom my relations are largely vanilla.

I’m open to all the extreme fetishes that aren’t feasible in real life and many of the fantasy-only ones like tentacle sex so long as it is presented realistically and the person I am with isn’t an idiot/there’s a plausible explanation for it (which explains why tentacle sex has only happened once and was quite limited in scope.)

I…um…I…what the…WoW?? Huh? No way. Really?? What server is this? I’ve heard of pet tanks but honestly, just…no way.

I…oh, dear. My jaw is so on the floor. Not the D/s or the sadist or the masochist, I can handle all that, but on WoW? I’ve been playing WoW for two years and mostly I’m just sadistic to mobs.

I must be SO on the wrong servers…or am I whooshed?


I have a question that you just might be able to answer. Got any reccomendations for consensual tentacle hentai? Really, it’s the hardest thing in the world to find.

Also, how do your cyber-fetishes affect your real day-to-day life? You say your gf is vanilla (in the cyber sense or IRL?) so how exactly do you work it so that no feelings get hurt?

PS- It’s a little awkward to know I’m inspiring so many “weird” threads. blush


Gleena. Yup, WoW. Obviously, it’s on a roleplay server. The easiest way to see if there’s anything going on on your server is to check out the “Darknest Fantasy Erotica” forums.

And I’m not quite sure what you’re asking with the tentacles, freekalette. You mean suggestions for RPing it, or recommendations of manga or something? The one time I did it, it was consensual with a magician who specialised in shapechanging helping us out. The tentacles were just short little tendrils (foot or two in length, millimeter round or so) so they were more there to be mildly invasive and teasing than Zomg Tentacle Monster! Rape! Rape! Think of them as Medusa’s bush. :wink:

I wouldn’t say there’s any carry-over to my real life. And I wouldn’t say that I have any fetishes (as in plural), a sadistic joy in playing with people’s minds and leading them into things they are just on the edge of comfortable with perhaps, but I personally couldn’t care less whether that’s foot kissing or branding. To me its more just internet porn that happens to be sociable, creative, and entertaining and leads to (non-erotic) roleplay situations in the game.

My girlfriend is cyber (roleplayed.) I met her by offering an invitation to the club since she knew several people that were in the scene. It happened that she wasn’t into it herself, but also seemed like a nice person. But, her having a general idea of things right off the bat probably has helped our relationship. She views it as my “nose picking” hobby; something not terribly wholesome or sightly, but not worth dumping me over. And I’ve made it very clear that in all likelihood I’d stop practicing if it looked like it would get in the way of us. As you see, my character’s other life has inspired further stories that she has to wade through.

Thanks Sage Rat, although I don’t know what it says about me that I can be going, ho hum, D/s, tenticle sex, blah blah…wait, what? WoW??

Possibly I have been on the internets too long…



Ah, actually I meant anime. Didn’t realize that the tentacle stuff was RP. (More into real life, meself, 'cept for the Dope!) Thanks for the clarifications though.

My wife was reading over my shoulder and started to rattle off half a dozen titles for you. Then she looked again and said, “Scratch that. I didn’t see consensual. I got nothing, and frankly I don’t see the point. Where’s the fun in consensual tentacle porn?”

I am going to neuralize myself now.

Does your wife have a newsletter to which I could subscribe? :smiley:

(Sorry for the hijack, Sage Rat - I keep trying to come up with a question that’s pertinent and not just blazingly obvious, and coming up empty.)

Okay, okay, at least one without the word “rape” being used a bunch. (Hearing it grates on my ears.)

(Sorry for further hijacking, but Skald has PM turned off.)

It’s not turned off so much as it’s not turned on as I’ve ever troubled to do so. I’ll turn it on if you have a question.


I’ve never seen animated tentacle porn (unless you consider Blue Seed, which is pg-13), nor read any manga, so I have no idea.

Of course, the doujin way of thinking is “If if doesn’t exist and you be wanting it, draw up some comics, no matter how bad, and bring it to the next con!”

Entirely unrelated to the OP topic, but by many wierd twists of fate, I was once asked to watch over a doujin’s booth at a doujinshi con in Tokyo for five-ten minutes. Looked through the guys comic–really bad art about women being tortured and flogged, and very bloody. I was able to buy a picture of Pikachu with an axe through the head that was very good though. The guy who did it was just drawing on a lark. Most of his stuff was very muscular, macho women with guns and stuff. The picture has since been lost in the mists of time.