But I was wondering if anyone here is interested in reading about weird fetishes such as furries, medical fetishes, weird/extreme bondage, etc. To me, it’s totally different from porn and what interests me isn’t looking at kinky pics, but knowing why certain people love looking at pictures of women wearing woollen scarves and gloves (yep, that’s a real fetish).

So if you’re as nosy and sick and twisted as I am, join the fetish train

Beware! I’ll bet some people on this Board are actually “into” things that others would find weird and non-sexy. Just remember: “Therre, but for the mercy of Priapus, go it.”

That said, the weirdest and (to me) unsexiest without being revolting thing I’ve seen was the “Hirsute Women” site a co-worker once showed me. Some peopple are just into seriously hairy women, and I don’t see the attraction. The young lady on the site’s opening page was naked with her legs apart, but it didn’t matter – it looked like she was holding brown shag carpeting between her legs, and you couldn’t see anything. Also under her arms.
Of course, there’s a good chance that she really was holding shag carpeting in there. I get the impression that a lot of these sites are into realizing their fantasy women, and don’t care about creative enhancement.

These are weird fetishes to you? :sigh: Some people are sooo vanilla.

Then show me what you got!

There is a fettish for anything that you can think of… and then some.

I never understood the “smoking” fetish. They don’t even have to be naked, just smoking a cigarette.

One of my male Ebay customers had a fetish for women’s fuzzy sweaters. Not, women wearing fuzzy sweaters, but the sweaters themselves. Plus, he worked at Macy’s. I wonder if he got the job so he’d have access to the fuzziness.

Without saying too much (The SDMB has rules, you know), a few years ago I was at the supermarket buying bagels and whitefish salad. I was approached by a woman, let’s call her Anna, who had a true fetish. In the proper medical sense, a fetish is something the person cannot achieve sexual arrousal and fulfilment without. What most people call a fetish is better termed a kink. Anna’s fetish was Jewish men. My casual use of “Oy gevalt.”, my occasional use of Yiddish syntax, the sight of me eating a nice piece of gefilte fish, these things drove Anna into a frenzy. Her computer was full of Photoshopped pictures-she made the models noses bigger, added yarmulkes, tallit, payos.

In the end, I stopped seeing her because Anna was not herself Jewish. What would my mother have thought?

I met Tracy in a toy store. Tracy had a kink which seems to be growing more popular these days- clowns. But Tracy didn’t want a happy clown. She didn’t want a scary clown. Her kink was violent clowns. I’d tie her up with a string of uninflated balloons. Then, I would burn her with drops of hot fudge, scratch her with jagged sugar candies (sometimes drawing blood), punch, kick, shake, and beat her. Later, Tracy becamed interested in oxygen deprivation. So, after I tied her up, I shoved jelly beans up her nose and forced hunks of birthday cake into her mouth. Unfortunately, the bendy straw which was supposed to supply some air was forced shut. By the time I noticed, Tracy’s heart had stopped beating. Luckilly, Tracy was also into e-stim and I was able to jerry rig one of the units to restart it.

Remind me never to go shopping with DocCathode. :smiley:

:: crying ::


Ok, the first part of the clown fetish (minus the clown) sounds like the norm for me…but the oxygen deprivation? I’ve tried asphyxiation…but hell… :eek:

Jesus H. Christ on a sharp stick with crispy corn breading, DocCathode. Here I can’t hardly find a nice girl who likes having her toes sucked, and here you are getting it on with chyx who want to be killed, for fuck’s sake. You must truly have a chair at the cool table.

I dunno, a woman taking a drag off of a long, jet-black cigarette holder and snap-inhaling the smoke ball on her lips kinda turns me on. :smiley:

Damn DocCathode. I always pictured you as a quiet, mild mannered guy. And um… kind of dull.
" Beware the Doc Cathode! Mild mannered Jewish guy, by day. Evil Fucking Clown, by night."

Is it hard to kick the crap out of someone while wearing clown shoes? And what did you squirt out of your flower?

Depends on the shoes. I experimented with different things in the floppy tips and different methods to protect my toes. In the end, I put two sets of brass knuckles in each shoe and used the steel toe caps from a pair of workboots to protect my feet and provide a firm backing to the kick. I didn’t use a squirting flower. Although she wanted to be beaten and humiliated, Tracy was not into golden showers.

Beware Of Doug

I avoid women who want to be killed. I’m still not sure if it’s sculpture or wether the bamboo has actually been planted, but I saw it while visiting friends in center city and it looked cool. One section in particular reminded me of fins and spines and deep sea life. So I arranged for a friend with a digital camera to photograph myself, wearing my priest of Cthulhu costume, posing by the bamboo. Naturally, this attracted attention. A few people were familiar with Cthulhu. Ariel was quite the fan. We shared many similiar interests. We exchanged numbers. It was geek love. I was fine with her wanting me to wear the costume and shout Ry’lehian during sex. But, she was only testing me to see if I would help with her ultimate fantasy. After many tests, she finally told me-

She wanted me to stand alone, on a dark night facing towards the Atlantic ocean . I would emerge from the shadows, wearing a Deep One costume, one as realistic as possible (an expensive and lengthy project, but I knew some of my friends would help). I would muffle her screams with one huge hand, and cut off her clothes with the claws of the other. With a gurgling call, I would summon my fellows (I didn’t know if I wanted to share her with my friends, or how many of my friends would be comfortable dressing as fish men and playraping somebody. Also, more costumes meant more money and more work). We would use her for our pleasure, using our claws to scrape shallow cuts in her flesh and uttering inhuman hymns as she bled for our god, piercing her with deep wounds when she attempted to scream or get away. When we had satisfied our lusts, I was to pull back her head and open her jugular. After that, she wanted to be chopped up and fed to the many tiny sharks she kept in a saltwater tank.

I ran fast and far from Ariel.

:eek: Geez, Doc…I mean…:eek:…Geez. :eek:

Remind me to go shopping with DocCathode!

Personally, I think DocCathode is full of it.

:eek: Never!

That which is not dead may eternal lie,
But in strange eons even death has gotta get laid sometimes.

My personal fetish is foot worship. MY feet being worshipped, that is. I don’t worship feet, I want someone to worship mine and rub them and kiss them and lick them and dress them up in pretty shoes…oooohhhh…yeah…I am serious by the way.