Oddest fetish site I've run across

Oh it’ssafe for work… but still …

The weirdest one I’ve seen involved some guy with a fetish for women dressed as rabbis. I saw a video where he had two women dressed as rabbi’s and smack his ass with thick slices of ham. Makes my fetishes look normal by comparison.

Sneezes? That’s pretty normal. Oddest one I have seen was the balloon animals one. It had a HUGE following – people who get aroused with balloon animals. We’re not even talking about erotic shapes, but shit like you’d get at the local carnival :shudders: People are sick. I hate to say it, but I think I would love to watch the video of the rabbis/ham thing, that’s hilarious!

I’d have to go with the one where the guy made a bunch of pictures of dolphins having sex with horses. Using the standard ClipArt dolphin and horse pictures, then adding freeform genitalia.

No, I’m not going to link to it, but if you must, it’s a rather simple Google Image search.

Sacrilegious! Link please?

All I can find is this

Rabbi Aviner: Women Must Not Wear Pajamas, Even If Alone In The Dark

oh also, just to “contribute to the common good”


SMURFS! http: // www.redtube.com/ 8399
Pterodactyl porn (can’t find a link that’s still on line, but I assure you, it’s out there!)
BALLOONS! http:// video.google.com /videoplay?docid=2052154199575490951&ei=nIbJSdWHIcyA-AbJp5mPAw&q=balloon+fetish&hl=nl

This was something I saw awhile ago. With as many porn sites in my cache I don’t think I will find it but I’ll look. Oh, if anyone is wondering, I am doing a paper on internet pornography and its effect on, ummm… unemployed men. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Whereas I am just here for the weird porn.

I have more

I misread this at first as “rabbits” and thought he must have an Easter fetish. :smiley:

I’m glad the OP called the sneeze thing the oddest fetish he’s run across, as opposed to the oddest fetish ever. Because no matter how weird fetishes get, there will always be something weirder.

hopefully it included kosher pickles and bacon salt as well…

Years ago I saw a site with a guy who had a thing for women wearing deer antlers on their heads. I don’t know if it still exists or not.

I knew of a guy who got his jollies by watching people drink milk from the carton. No idea if drinking from today’s plastic jugs would have the same effect on him. And I really don’t want to know.

If you consider cake farts, vore, furries in general, two girls one cup, whatever the hell the goatse guy is trying to accomplish, and any number of other odd/horrible things that are out there; a sneeze fetish seems almost charming.

Oh internet, what have you done to me?

a few interesting ones I’ve come across:

-People (usually women – most of these are GUY fantasies) turned into statues

-People squashed flat, as in a Warner Brother’s Cartoon

–Women with REALLY hairy underarms

----Women trampling on insects (which the guy imagines himself to be one of)

Women stuck in quicksand (or other sticky stuff)

–People sitting on balloons

the last one showed up in yesterday’s Boston Globe (!!!) I know there are many balloon-related fetishes, but the fact that this showed up in the very vanilla Globe yesterday floored me. They said you can get $50 for letting people watch you sit on a balloon.

Although this site:

is a joke (link disabled because it’s intentionally styled like a porn site), it doesn’t really surprise me that it could be a real fetish site.

It hasn’t shown you Dolcett yet? People who have seen his work tend to mention it.

Anyway, don’t google it unless you absolutely have to now. I take no responsibility, and I’ll only describe it if someone explicitly asks.

That’s fairly normal in Wisconsin.

That’s not normal anywhere.

I encountered Dolcett very early in my internet surfing. It really warped my young mind. Everything else on the net was tame by comparison. Damn, now I’m hungry.

I’ve always considered mechanophilia to be the most bizarre fetish out there…

Probably because I’m part of the furry fandom and I’ve simply become desensitized to everything else. Seriously, spend any length of time at all on virtually any furry art/community site and you see so much bizarre, twisted, nauseating crap that your brain loses the ability to even recognize the wrongness of what you’re seeing. Sort of like how workers at sewage treatment plants or municipal dumps eventually get used to the smell.