Ask The European Football Player!

Inspired by an earlyer thread here on dope, which iv sadly havent been on for a while, i meantioned that i was a European Footballer and was asked to start a thread about it.

Firstly, i dont know a whole lot about NFL Europe, other then its pretty much germany and Amstadam playing eachother… also that its on its way down the drain, sadly. More what i know is those of us who play it in the spare time and enjoys it as a super sport.

Im at my secound club were i just started. I first were introduced several years ago, when it was on the rise in denmark for, at the time, Juniors, but i had to stop due to surgery. then Around Febuary this year i was taken back to the sport, and now it got a good grip of me… Im now addicted! Playing injured or not :wink:

Anyway, iv been playing in Belfast, for the Belfast Trojans and is not located it Aalborg, denmark. Just started for the 89ers the local team.

So, if you got any questions about how minorleague football is on this continent ill happily try and answer your questions to the best of my knowledge.