Ask the gal who just had a full immersion baptism

Like the title says - at age 36, 18 years into my faith.

Folks around here like to do such things in the river - only problem being the very high levels of blue green algae and the river being closed to all human activities atm. So my baptism happened in a friends dam.
The person who conducted the baptism is called john - I didn’t actually twig to the name connection until it was pointed out to me :smack: :smiley:

What church?

Why 18 years in?

Baptist church

Why 18 years - well it’s a long story but I’ll give you the short version:

I became a christian at university was fine for a bit then developed a major mental illness which basically ate 15 years of my life. My faith from then on was very dependent on my mental health state.

Oct 2008 due to medication that actually worked, lots of support and a growing realisation that the way I was doing things (self harm, suicide attempts self hatred) was not giving me the results I wanted (ie to feel better).

I decided that everything I had been doing had not worked so I needed to try something new. I realised that that the relationship breakdown between God and myself was not of God’s choosing. I had chosen to turn my back on him. I need to do the exact opposite of what I had been doing. So I needed seek forgiveness for what I had done and to totally commit my life l to his service.

I’m sorry if that sounds a bit preachy but it is what I have done - and it is working for me. Even without the mental illness my past would have left anyone screwed up. Most of the improvement I have made since the decision have been too things not related to the illness. My faith is giving me hope and motivation to make something out of my once fractured life.

I thought rabbits didn’t like water. :wink:

When do Baptists normally get baptized? (I know it’s later than most other Christians, who tend toward infant baptism.) Is this a re-baptism or your first?

It’s winter in the Northern Hemisphere - was that an issue for you?

Doesn’t come out sounding preachy, it sounds like life happening. Congrats at the dunking [I personally would have opted for sprinkling, but that is just me]

I don’t think there’s a standard age. At my church it tends to be around high school age - I was eighteen, most of my church friends were a bit younger than that, and my sister was thirteen.

I guess my question is simply why?

Religion is a lie from start to finish. Why would anyone want to go through the ignorant, superstitious rituals associated with one?

Any candles, scented oil, rose petals or bubble-bath?


Did they even offer soap? Even Motel6 will give out a bar of soap…

Congratulations! (Do you have something specific that you say to people in regards to their baptism? I got “+many years to you” from an Orthodox friend and “Welcome to the family” from a Catholic friend.)

So what did you wear? Your regular clothes, or a special outfit, or a baptismal garment (the kind that’s water-resistant and doesn’t turn see-through)? How’d that all work out with the getting wet?

Did the person baptizing you know you before he baptized you? Did you have to answer any questions? Does your church do only baptisms by ministers or can any baptized adult baptize?

…enough questions?

Your question is appropriate in this thread; your statement is not. If you wish to debate the fundamental truth values of religion, start a new thread in GD or the Pit and provide a link.

Welcome to the church.

May the Father in heaven, for Jesus’ sake, renew and increase in you the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Shodan (who was actually baptized fifty four years ago today)

This rabbit loves water - you should have seen the order of service that was done fo the baptism - rabbits everywhere! I have spent so much time hating myself, convinced that noone could ever care for me and something small like that mackes me understand so wonderfully that folks know me and care for me.

Baptisms happen when a person had committed their life to Christ and is ready to make a public statement about what God has done in there life. This could happen at any time of life.

Yesterday was the last day of summer her in Oz - we had a cold day Saturday and we are having another cold day today but Sunday was sunny and warm.

Cap? Goggles? :slight_smile:

Because something wonderful had happened in my life - somthing I never thought would happen. I can love and be loved, I do not have to hate myself, I can change, I can live and my life has value. I have been trying for this for 15 years and it wasn’t until I tried doing things God’s way that I had any success. The baptism happened because it is part of being obedient to what God asks and because I wanted to make a public statement about what has happened in my life and why.

I accept that you don’t believe - you are free to do so and I will not try to change your mind or make derogatory comments. Please allow me the same courtesy

Ha! Nope just mud and shrimps nipping our legs.

Whoops nearly forgot the very special mud facial I received because the bottom of the dam was uneven and my baptiser was making sure to get me well under mud :)mud. I got to have a shower shortly afterwards (there was nice soap) but not until everyone had given me a hug and got to take some of my experience home with them.

Just congratualations.

I wore my bathers with shorts and a teeshirt (I was warned not to wear anything white due to seethroughness and the bathers were suggested just to make sure)

I chose the person to baptise me - I have known him about 11 years. He is a lay preacher but any mature (in their faith) baptised christian can baptise.

I had to answer 3 questions about what I beleive. I gave a 10 minute testomony about my l;ife before I go in the water.

Nope but I think about turning up in floaties.

I was just about to say the same thing. But instead of risking a mod-smack for saying what I really think, I’ll just share my own baptism experience.

About 20 years ago, while on a college retreat, I gave my life to Christ. I’d been a Christian all my life, but this time I decided to actually become “Born Again.” The entire church group was very happy for me and we went to the community pool to get baptized that very night. (For what it’s worth, all I recall is that water got up my nose and I started to panic a little; so it felt less like a spiritual experience and more like waterboarding. But I digress…)

As months went by, I became more and more disillusioned with Christ, and really started to question the whole concept of religion. I stopped going to meetings, but still would often run into my church group “friends” around campus. With few exceptions, nearly all of them gave me the cold shoulder. In particular, the guy who actually baptized me would constantly look down his nose at me, smirking, as if he were thinking, “You tried to be saved but you failed. You’re not worthy. Haha, loser!” I even dropped a class because I got fed up with his supercilious attitude.

In any case, that’s just one of many, many reasons why my opinions of Christianity would be completely inappropriate for this forum. But hey, if it works for you, run with it.

Did this baptism give you any sort of special feeling (apart from the normal sensation of being dunked in water)? What I mean is, did you feel the Holy Spirit? If so, could you describe it?

Why do rituals have any significance if religion is spiritual? That is, if I am signing onto some commitment, why not just sign a piece of paper?