ask the guy getting a new wheelchair

Today I started to proccess of getting a new wheelchair. Think of it as getting a new car.

How many cupholders?

unfortunately ZERO! (I only made the car analogy because most of you can’t relate to a wheelchair, but can relate to a car)

Solid frame or folding? Any particular one tickle your fancy?

I am really jonesing after a trekinetic but that price is seriously inhibiting…

Solid folding. (back folds foward, wheels pop off)

hopefully not while you are in it . :eek: :smiley:

Nope pudytat! That would be a PROBLEM!

Do you participate in any wheelchair sports?

Have you narrowed it down yet? Any links?

not a wheelchair athlete. Sorry, no links. But here’s a brief description: Solid 1 piece leading down to a single foot pad, not separate pedals, and a solid back, wrapping around the trunk.

Get a Hoveround.

My muscles would go to Sugar Honey Iced Tea!

are you paying for it or is insurance covering it?

What makes it a “process”? What are the “must have” components? (How will the new wheelchair be different from what you already have?)

Medicaire or Medicaid pays. Why it’ll be different: “sporty” and smaller. Needs to be foldable or at least light weight.

What’s wrong with your old wheelchair? How often does a wheelchair last, on average?

Kyla-chairs are usually replaced every 5 years (at least that’s what insurance allows) Think of it like replacing a running car w/100k miles on it. Servicable, but could do better.

I have friends who have several chairs, for different purposes, regular chair, sport chair, ultra lightweight for traveling … there is even a power chair that can get up to IIRC 11 miles per hour and a tracked monstrosity for offroading :eek:

World’s first double backflip on a wheelchair. August 26, 2010. No question, just wanted to share this video. :cool:

My son just got a new chair.

it’s worth more than both our cars put together.

yay insurance!

My brother has a powered chair - the kind that adds a little extra juice to the wheels when you spin them. He doesn’t really like it, but he needs it to get up the ramp into his van, and the ability to drive is worth the bother. Besides, he usually turns the motor off.

Insurance covered it, of course - but then, insurance covered 90% of his modified Chevy, too.