Ask the guy in the 99.9th %ile for height

6’8" (203 cm)

For many people, I’m the tallest person they know. Ever wondered what it’s like to be freakishly tall? Afraid to ask the guy you see on the street? Now is your chance!

How’s the weather up there?

(had to get that out of the way right up top)

How do you find decent clothing?

Do you have Marfan’s syndrome or any other condition or are you just a genetic accident, so to speak?

Do you ever meet anyone taller than you? Do you find it unsettling?

This precisely. You’d have to be getting out of big and tall stores, even, at that height.
Also, it seems like car shopping could be difficult. Is it?

Non-joke question… Do you have trouble w/ not feeling pain properly in your feet? I’ve heard this is the case with very tall people, due to the distance the nerve signal has to travel to get to the brain.

How annoyed are you when people ask you your height?

I knew a tall guy who would answer, “6’8”. How much do you weigh?" when he wasn’t in the mood for it.

I rented a house and became good friends with a guy who is 6’9". He had a job where he was out in public a lot. He told me that every single day that he was out, at least one person made mention of his height, either asking him how tall he was or making a joke or something. I know that most times that I was out with him, it happened.

Does that same thing happen with you?

Do you have trouble finding mattresses, sofas and other furniture that are long/tall enough for you?

Does everyone and their dog assume that you played basketball just because you’re tall?

In shortish rooms, do you feel yourself uncomfortably close to the ceiling? Does it feel like being in a tunnel?

do you make fun of taller people because they have to duck more?

How tall are your parents? Siblings? Kids?

Have you made any modifications to your house to make things easier (higher doorways and so on)?

The good thing about being this tall?? I saw that coming a mile away.

I’m fortunate have fairly normal proporations, which helps.

I generally can’t walk into a store and boy clothes, though I have some luck at JC Penney and Macy’s with shirts. Can’t remember my sleeve length off the top of my head, but the longest that stores carry is barely passable. Casual long-sleeved shirts spend much of their time with the sleeves pushed or rolled up.

Pants all have to be ordered. My inseam is somewhere between 37" and 38", though I have one pair of pants that pass off as 36".

Eddie Bauer is my go-to when I need nice clothes that fit. JC Penney if I need cheaper clothes that fit.

I do not have Marfan Syndrome or any other genetic or glandular defect. I brought up Marfan Syndrome to my doctor because I had read a particularly terrifying article about its association with aortic dissection (!).

Almost never. There is a guy who works at Costco who is a little bit taller than me, and I know two men through work who are just an inch or two shorter.

Yes, it’s very disconcerting! I’m used to looking down on people and benefiting from whatever psycological benefit that imparts.

I always say that if I was suddenly average, and had to walk in a crowd looking everybody in the eye, it would probably go nuts.

This is one of my Grrrs. Big and Tall stores are exactly that; they are not Big and/or Tall stores. If my waist was 45" I’d have better luck.

Car shopping is difficult, since owning a car that gets superb gas milage is out of the question if I want to be comforatble at all. Most mid-sized sedans are comfortable enough, if for no other reason than I don’t know any better.

Just read an account of this recently (Robert Wadlow) but haven’t experienced it myself.

This doesn’t bother me anywhere near as much as it used to. When I was a teenager and in my early 20’s, (I’m 36 now) I would find myself getting very angry when someone asked.

Anymore, it’s just a fact of life. The funniest are kids…the last one was ‘Mommy, that man is a giant!’.

I like to tell people I’m 5’20". Makes 'em think.

Less so now than it used to, though I don’t know why. I meet new people all the time with my job.

Come to think of it…maybe I just don’t take note of it any more.

I am in heaven on a king mattress, because I can lay diagonally and not hang over an edge!

Yes, everyone assumes I played basketball, and think that I’m crazy that I didn’t.

Usually a problem in the basements of older homes. I’m accustomed to stooping in places like that , the biggest danger is light fixtures (or ceiling fans!). Freaking speed bumps for your head, I tell you.

I wouldn’t liken it to the feeling of being in a tunnel.

As soon as I find one, I’ll let you know. I’d probably be too scared.

Dad is 6’2", mom is 5’11", brother is 6’4". My 2 y/o is in the 95th %ile.

Not many. It’s an older home, though, and the remaining interior doorways are shorter than the current residential standard. I do have to duck to go in to my bedroom or through the door betwen the kitchen and porch.

When my parents built their master bedroom, they made the vanity and the shower fixtures several inches higher.

Edit - just proofred my first post…I promise that I know how to spell proportions.

Do people act differently towards you because of your height, aside from the jokes?

Height is often a source of attractiveness in men. At 6’8", is it even more the case or does that just get too tall?

Pssh-- yer a shorty! :wink: A few of my family members are your height or a little more. They report women tend to buzz around like bees to honey. Do you get this, and how do you deal with people who only want to be around the ‘tall guy?’

Anybody take out their insecurities on you?

I’m sure people act differently towards me. Sometimes a person is noticably uncomfortable or intimidated.

I try to not be intimidating…but if I’m intent or thoughtful, I can have a rather un-approachaple look on my face.

I think I may have over-shot where the height/attactiveness relation peaks. If I were to guess, I would say that 6’3" or so is where being attractively tall starts turning into just plain damn tall.

Where do they buy pants?!?!

Ah, to have a ‘problem’ with buzzing women! Also haven’t discovered that people want to be around me because I’m tall.

As far as insecurities, you mean a little Napoleon figuratively lopping at my knees with an axe? Once again, not that I’ve noticed.

This thread has made me think, though…how much about how people approach me or treat me goes under my radar because it’s just ‘normal’? Hm.

i’m confused as you seem to be comparing yourself to the 99%ers occupy movement but clearly 99.9% of people are not 6’8 and so the comparison is backwards. wouldn’t you actually be in the .01 percentile for height?