Being tall in a short world

I’m unusually tall for my age and gender (I’m a good seven inches over the standard for American women), and I’ve decided that the world is rather inconveniently short for me.

How I long to find pants that are not either a) too wide in the waist, b) too short at the ankles, or c) men’s pants that will fit me! How lovely it sounds to be able to stretch out my legs and not accidently kick one or two or five people. How marvelous to kiss a man and not have to bend down so he can reach my lips. Glorious it would be to be rid of my paralyzing fear of low-hanging ceiling fans!

I’m not too tall for the world. The world is too short for me. :smiley:


*P.S. Some of you short people need to strap blinking lights to the tops of your heads or something. I’ve walked right on top of really small people before and not noticed them until I hear a crunching sound. *

Hear, hear! I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard people say, “I wish I were your height.” (I’m about 6’5" or so and male.) And there are nice things about it, definitely – I never get lost in crowds and nobody knows there’s a little bald patch on top of my melon besides me.

<light-hearted, only semi-serious rant>

But sometimes it’s a real pain in the ass! Finding shoes in my size (US 13) that look good is damn near impossible. Nobody makes cars with less than four doors that fit me. And I find I whack my head into things with astonishing regularity (this may be the reason for any incoherency you notice in my posts). Hell, the other day I was running to catch the L, dashed inside as the doors were closing and bashed my head right into the top of the doorway!


Finding women my size is damn near impossible – I’ve got a permanent case of taco-neck from dating women a foot shorter than I am! :slight_smile:

And I agree – you short people should be equipped with warning devices of some sort. I’ve had to offer many an apology to a small person I’ve inadvertently run over.


Being tall can suck. I’m 6’6 and if I had a dime for every time I hit my head on a door frame, well I’d be able to pay for something to take the swelling down a bit.

I also have the problem with trampling those of the shorter persuasion, but this benefit does not compensate for my lack of comfort, well anywhere. Well I suppose I’ve never been ID’d! :slight_smile:

And I can’t get clothes or shoes. Anywhere.

Well, then job interviews must suck pretty badly, too… :smiley:

Being short is just as bad. I have to get a stepladder to get to my shelf in the closet.

I can’t put my trash in a trash can because when I put it in the Waste Recepticle, I have to reach up so high the trash can falls in. Then I have to get a ladder and climb in to get it.

It kills my neck to kiss a man. I mean so badly that the man thinks I don’t want to kiss him. I have a stepstool at each door in my house.

When I try to get into my ex’s pickup truck, I either have to have a boost or a stepstool with a rope on it so I can pull it up in.

With me on a stepstool at work, my female boss and I are the same height.

I guess we should all be in the middle somewhere to be normal. What is normal?

How tall are you Nichol? I’m 6’1 myself and go nuts half the time looking for clothes. At work the backdoor has a shelf near it on the right side. I keep walking inside, turn to head for the staff room and WHACK! I hit the side of my head on the shelf. The only thing keeping me safe is the visor I have to wear is slightly padded where I keep hitting my head.

Our apartment building juts out over the stalls for the renters. When we had a car and we parked it I was always hunched over getting out because I was afraid to hit my head. Even now if I cut through the corner on the way to the door I hunch down. Even though I have about an inch of clearance.

But you want a world for shorter people? The Ukranian Heritage site here in Alberta has houses and such that were moved there. The doors are under 6 foot clearance. So everyone has to hunch unless they are short.

Try being 5’10" 175 lbs! Everyone else is the “fat guy” or “short guy” or “tall guy” “big guy” or whatever. I’m just the guy who’s the same size as everyone else.

Dude, my little brother is 17, can’t be more than 5’10", and wears a US men’s size 14 shoes. His feet have been that size since he was 14. He’s not exactly fashion-conscious, so it’s not a huge deal to him, but it is a pain shoe-shopping with him. Just so you know not only tall people have big-shoe issues :slight_smile:
Hell, I’m 5’4" and wear a size 10 or 11 US women’s. My family has big feet… ::grumble::

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as a short person, cars don’t fit me either, I can barely reach the pedals. Getting anything off shelves is a trial - I can only reach the first shelf comfortably at home, second shelf if I stretch. Forget about the ones over the stove.

climbing on something to reach things can be dangerous. CLothes?? you think you’ve got trouble getting clothes??? the knee in most of my pants hits me mid calf at best.

Furniture - most chairs I don’t reach the floor. I either sit with my back hitting the back and have my legs swinging, or sit forward allowing my legs to reach the ground, but have no support for my back.

Lightbulbs need changing? can’t do it. Since my tall son moved out, I haven’t had any soup (it’s on the 3rd shelf).

At work, some one played a joke on me by placing a sign that I’d had on my ‘tower’ (tall cabinet in the cubicle) to the top of the tower.

I couldn’t see it. OTher people walk past the cubes, being able to see inside.

Doing dishes ? sitting at most desks ? they’re taller than my arms comfortably reach.

I know what you mean. I can’t count the number of times I’ve tried to take a quick nap on the beach, only to wake up and discover that hundreds of short people have tied me down with string. It’s the same damn thing every time. Then it’s off to see their king so he can talk to the tall guy about the proper way to crack eggs or some such nonsense. I don’t even like eggs.

Damn midgets. I much preffered the talking horses.

It depends on how you look at things. To some the world is too short. To others the world is too tall.

I am sure others can see how short I am, just coming into my house. The mirrors and pictures are 5 - 5 1/2’ tall. The top of the refrigerator is filthy. I can bend over and pick something up off of the floor without bending my knees. I have fake trees in the living room that I can walk under.

It depends on how you look at things.

I’m female and 5’11" which makes me just a little too tall, IMHO. I would love to be about 4 inches shorter. Oh, the world of shopping opportunities an inch or two less in the legs and arms would open up! I hate, hate, hate pants shopping. If I was short like my aunt and my mom I could take them up, but if there ain’t no more material there at the bottom you’re shit out of luck in trying to let them out. grumble

Thank goodness I can wear jeans to teach my college classes. At least they come in tall sizes, usually.

It’s funny. I am about 6’4 and I am completely oblivious to the height of everyone else. Unless you are extremely short or tall, it simply does not register in my brain. I just always end up thinking of everyone being the same height as me.

The thing I find wierd about being a tall chick (I’m 5’11’’ too) is talking to a group of other women. Mixed groups are fine, but when everyone else is having a conversation at about my chest height, it just makes me feel like a giraffe. I think that’s why most of my friends have always been guys…

On the other hand, I’d much rather have that problem than the corresponding short-person problem (where people think you’re a schoolkid, and thus ignore you completely)

Oh, and … sewing machines are SO much your friend. At least, they are mine

Obsidian Flutterby – At 5’11 (the same as rivulus!) I can’t compare to your 6’1, but I have plenty of trouble myself. One thing that drives me nuts is changing rooms in department stores because my head pokes up over the door, so while I’m trying to wrassle my way into clothes, I can watch the comings and goings of everyone who ventures into the changing rooms. At my college it’s a trial going up and down stairs because the ceilings dip so low that if I don’t watch it I’d whack my forehead every time.

I’m long waisted and long legged, and shirts drive me nuts. If they fit in the bosum, then they’re too brief around the belly. I’m sure everyone thinks I like showing off my tummy because all my shirts expose at least an inch of skin.

PurplePerson – My neck hurts too, especially if my boytoy at the time is much shorter than me. I’ve resisted the urge to reach down and pick guys up in order to get closer to them before.

Aspidistra – I thought I was the only one who had people talking to her chest!

One plus side to being tall was that I got into R-rated movies really easily when I was ten and eleven. Another nice thing is that I can fetch things off high shelves without having to climb on things. It’s also amusing to walk down the hall, lift one hand, and drag your fingers along the ceiling. You know that strange thing men do to show off their physical prowess by leaping up and touching the top of a doorframe? I can do that to most doors without standing on tiptoe.

Oddly enough, I have a fear of heights – I’m of the firm opinion that I’m plenty far enough off the ground already, and I have no wish to go any higher, thankyouverymuch. I can’t climb ladders and stairs make me nervous.


I am 6’8" tall and can relate to all comments. What you find out is when you enter the 99.99% height, no car will fit, regardless of how “big” they are. I mean, who would waste room that could only be used by 10,000 people out of 280,000,000?

Worse for me is the fact my wife insist on wlo-hanging pots and pans over the kitchen island. WHAM on a regular basis.

I believe the govenment should subidize the vertically challenged to allow for custom built houses and cars that avoid these challenges :-).


I’m 6’2’’ and there are two things that piss me off.

The first is travelling by bus. They are made for shorter people then me and I am fed up of having no leg room and having to walk from one end to the other with my head bent over to the side because the ceiling is too low to let me stand up straight.

The second, and worse of all: Umbrellas. Specifically, the metal pointy bits on the end that, because the people holding them are shorter than me, are at my eye level. This means that I walk around town on a rainy day risking blindness with every step.

Yeah, I’m around 6’3" and it seems like the world just wasn’t made for the above 6’ crowd. I’ve nearly had my eyes put out a couple of times… I just thank the gods that I wear glasses. Also, the back and knee problems that I got when I caught my growth spurts were out of this world. My doctor basically just said that my joints weren’t growing fast enough to keep my bones together(!), resulting in random knee pain from the time I was 12. It still happens every now and again, and I’m hoping that it’ll stop by the time I’m 34 or so.

YES! I hate that. It is so annoying to have hte top of my head rub aggainst the car roof. It leaves my hair in a very weird state, as if a twister ravaged the top of my head yet left all else untouched.