Ask the guy taking Chantix.

I’m currently in the middle of my second week taking Chantix. I normally smoked 6-8 cigarettes a day. I smoked two on Monday night and one last night at 11pm. I’ve haven’t brought my cigarettes to work with me this week.

Had any creepy, weird dreams yet?

I took Chantix for all of a week. Never got to the weaning myself off smokes part. I had such bizarre, creepy, disturbing dreams that I threw that shit out and told my doc I’d rather die of lung cancer than feel the way I did on that stuff.

I’ve since moved on to e-cigs and that is working out a little better to help me wean myself off.

Kinda thought that would be the first question. :wink:

To be honest, my dreams have been mostly unaffected. They’re a bit less disjointed and easier to remember, but not at all disturbing. The only real side effect I’ve had is headaches.

If you don’t mind sharing, what were you dreaming about while on it?


This will probably seem like not-a-nightmare-at-all, so please understand that everything about this dream that I’m about to post is the OPPOSITE of where I am or how I feel about anything in my life. I’m 41, never married, no kids and* really happy about all that*.

I dreamed I met this awesome guy and fell so madly in love with him that I sold my house :eek: quit my job :eek: and moved to California :eek: :eek: to marry him and make babies. :eek: :eek: :eek:

I know, right, that doesn’t sound like a nightmare, but it was to me. I’d wake up in a cold sweat, crying, because I couldn’t figure out how someone had rewired my brain to do those things that I have never wanted to do in my entire life.

There were also disturbing snippets of dream memories in the morning involving shadowy figures that were clearly after me or going to eat me or something. Think monsters under the bed sort of dreams. I was in my late 30’s when I took this crap. After about three doses, these dreams started up and started becoming increasingly disturbing and memorable. I’d walk around all day in a funk over my married-with-children life in California, thinking how much I’d miss my home in Florida.

Dude. That was just weird.

I don’t have anything to ask - I’m on week 9. Haven’t smoked regularly since Feb 7, but I did have one single cig on Feb 18. I think we need more threads on Chantix!

I didn’t have scary dreams, just super long ones that were easy to remember. I told most of them to the subjects (it would usually be dreams about people who showed up on my Facebook feed, which I read just before bed).

I am so pleased with how Chantix has worked for me. SO pleased. I thought I would go nutty but I haven’t. I just don’t need to smoke anymore. It’s been a “magic bullet” so far.

Good luck - and keep at it!!!

My brother had been a heavy smoker for probably 15 years and used Chantix to quit, around three years ago (after several failed attempts to quit on his own). He apparently didn’t experience any negative side effects, and said the craving for cigarettes disappeared almost overnight. It was pretty remarkable.

Unfortunately, my mother—a lifelong smoker who has always been hypersensitive to side effects—began freaking out after two or three days and quit taking it, adding Chantix to the dozens of medications she’s started and immediately stopped because she couldn’t handle it. Unfortunately nicotine is not on that list.

I used Chantix last time I quit smoking (I’m current quit now, but not via Chantix). I had long, lucid-like dreams, but nothing really out of this world.