Ask the guy who applied to grad school

I know most Dopers could’ve created this thread. Anyway: I applied to the M.Ed program at the college I’m about to receive my BA from. Aspire to teach Social Studies or Civics.

Um. Did you fill out the application by hand or was it online, or did you type it? How many pages was the application? If you printed by hand do you do all capital letters or do you mix in some lower cases to keep it fresh?

How has your father affected your decision to delay grad school until age 36?

Bob-Filled it out by hand after printing. Did have to include personal statement.

Blue or black ink? (A friend wanted to know, I’m just passing the question along).


Next thread: Ask the guy who scratched his balls before getting out of bed.

Please start that thread! :smiley:

Did you have to take the GRE for your application?

Surprisingly, no GRE.

Why was my question ignored?

Probably because it was obnoxious. If you want to pick a fight with someone, go do it in the Pit.

twickster, MPSIMS moderator

Pick a fight? Hardly. Hijacking, maybe but pick a fight?? Please.

By what method did you return it?

At what level? Do you anticipate that the investment in the grad degree will pay off?

ETA: Maybe not relevant, but the PhD vs Master’s investment often crops up in certain professions, so Bachelors vs Master’s might be similar.

Bob- Dropped it at Office of Grad Admissions. I hope to teach middle or high school.

Two thirds of US states require Master’s degrees to teach elementary or high school.

I know. I’ll be getting my Masters.

i’ve been itching for a thread like that.

I prefer blue myself, but I often find that some things require black ink, which irritates me. Do you have a particular type of pen you like? I like to use a medium ballpoint because it seems to write much more smoothly than a fine point.

Good luck in grad school!