Ask the guy who can't get published

SandyHook’s thread here inspired me to start my own thread about the struggle I’ve had in getting my law review article published. Most recently, I’ve mailed it out to some 200 journals, many of whom said no and a greater deal more who either said “we’ll get back to you” or haven’t responded at all.

Bah, I’m not bitter. :dubious: But I AM happy to talk about the writing process if anyone has any questions. Pity and sappy quips of hope are also welcome.

How much do they pay?

As it’s been pointed out to me more than once - writing the thing is the easy part.

We just gotta keep plugging along

Lots of luck.

I was going to get you to email a copy to me but on second thoughts it doesn’t sound like it meets my current reading requirements but please try again.