Ask the guy who engaged in adult behaviors and got beatdowns in middleschool & Didn't feel bullied.

Based on the other my-kid-got-jumped-in-school-today- I started a minor hijack after **twickster **moderated another scuffle, so I thought I would do an ask away…

The idea that middle school is not the adult world is a bit inane, as well. It is the edge of the adult world, but it is indeed there.

One of my acquaintances got caught with three guns in his locker- he was 13. He just wasn’t allowed to keep them at home, so he kept them at school. Back then it was a month long suspension, but everyone knew if he was kicked out, he would be totally fucked, based on his parentage.

I started smoking crack in middle school, and everyone I knew was smoking pot or drinking, as well as many doing much harder drugs. Everyone but me was also extremely sexually active- I waited until I was 16.

I was hit in the head twice with a ball-bearing from a truck- 4 inches in diameter- an inch high welt on my head and blood streaming all down my body.

The attacker did it in front of witnesses so that they would know how bad-ass he was. He did it because he bumped into me in the locker room and I didn’t say sorry.

He got a three-day suspension, even though we tried to press charges.

For full disclosure, I was eventually expelled for other reasons (and uh, they didn’t involve guns at school- that didn’t make for expulsion)…

Any further questions?

Nope, that’s more than enough, thanks.

Where did you grow up? How old are you?

Hoping you kicked the crack habit!

What bizarre things to brag about.

Ok, here’s a question… What do you think contributed the most to your delinquency? Your parents (or lack of parenting), the friends you spent time with, or what?

That was in Houston, TX. I am 37.

You know, I have done many a thing since those days… but never crack. I have been in the presence of crack smokers (actively smoking), since, and they are not something to envy, even though I remember it all clearly.

No bragging- based on my current beliefs; I think I should have been put to death or locked up. I was lucky. And I am currently doing pretty darn well.

Friends. Friends. Friends. And then being banned from those friends, and being a teen who wanted to rebel, so hung out with those friends, and then engaging in bad behaviors.

Also, being told by my parents that drugs were okay, but I had to wait for college- so when I started doing them in middle school, I couldn’t discuss it with them, and went straight for downward spiral.

Because ruining your college career is better than ruining your middle school career? Come on, Mom and Dad, that logic just doesn’t fly.

What do you think your parents or the school administrators could have done, if anything, to help you when you started getting into that kind of nefariousness?

what % of this thread is made up as a troll?

What school was this, 21 Jump Street? There were guns and crack lying around?

What is your point?

Heck, when I was in high school lots of young guys had a hunting rifle or two in their pickup trucks. He did say it was Texas.

I really don’t think there was anything that could have stopped it. No one really knew what was going on except the individual students involved, in most cases. I don’t know why they didn’t expel some of the kids, that might have helped earlier.

I have exaggerated before on these boards, but never lied. Here, you can trust me on this; I am actually NOT even giving you the entire scoop, as I am not sure what is still prosecutable…

The crack didn’t happen AT school, although I did smoke some coke-laced cigarettes and joints before school with some kids.

As I said, Ivan had the guns in his locker because he got them from his grandfather, and if he left them at home, his father would have sold or traded them for drugs.

I am not sure what the question is here- I do not have a point myself, but I engaged in risky behaviors, was lucky enough to have lived through them, and I thought people would be interested. I am NOT trying to say that THK was incorrect in anything he did- I think the little bastards oughta go to juvie.

I think I should have gone to juvie.

I just thought people might be interested.

This was in an upscale honors middle school between two of the three most affluent areas of Houston. We moved so I could have the honor of attending.

I don’t have any questions at the moment, but I am definitely interested. I love threads like this. My childhood was so milquetoast and vanilla. It’s great to see another perspective.

Mind if I ask what district/school? I’m 38, and grew up in west Houston, and drug abuse was rare enough to be almost unheard of, and for the most part, so was sexual activity. There was some fooling around, but very, very little actual sex.

Where? PM me!

I went to Pershing, and grew up around West U and went to Bellaire HS…

I lived three miles west of Astroworld, just outside the loop.

So it was you and your friends that killed that guy in Tomball in '87…not his wife, now living in Tennessee, who was recently charged.

Wrong place, wrong time, wrong crime.

I grew up close to where Bellaire Blvd. meets Wilcrest Rd- just outside the Sam Houston Tollway, and went to Alief Middle. It’s now zoned to Killough Middle, or it was a few years later when my brother was in middle school.

I went to Jesuit for high school (class of 1991).

My step-siblings went to Alief middle- when the younger was 12 in 1997 she told about someone pimping out a girl in the restroom for $0.50 a shot, with a line around the end of the hall.

Sounds like things changed a bit.

My dad lives right near the donut place on bellaire a few blocks past Wilcrest.

I wonder how many degrees of separation we have…