Ask the guy who hasn't yet blown his hand off in a drunken 4th of July accident

Go on. Ask me anything. I’ll type as long as I can.

What’s your technique? I find it difficult to both blow things up AND hold a cold beer at the same time.

Have you ever tried to blow up a beer can with an M-80?

The key, like Willie Nelson said, is to know when to hold 'em, know when to throw 'em. Know when to walk away, and know when to run like hell 'cause it’s gonna blow.

The problem is practice. You have no idea how many times I’ve forgotten which hand holds the beer and thrown away a perfectly good Natty Light.

I gave up on that when I was a teenager. For me, it’s beer bottles or nothing.

My husband, and 12 of his firefighter buddies are going to a cabin in the woods to do some “work,” you know, fixing things that broke during the long, hard winter.

He’s taking money for poker, a half gallon of Black Velvet he got for his birthday and never opened and two drills, a power saw and other misc. tools.

One of the other guys called yesterday, asking if he should bring the fireworks left over from two years ago. Of course, the answer was YES!

Gee, alcohol, power tools and fireworks. I wonder if everyones’ life and health insurance is paid up.

Boys and their toys…

How about starting a grass fire before you blow your hand off? Those are always fun.

Build a campfire, have everyone stand around it and pour your entire bag of fireworks on top. Now you’ve upgraded your party to a Testicle Festival.

Nitpick: I think it was Kenny Rogers, not Willie Nelson.

Anyway, do you know the trick with the tin can and a firecracker? Punch a little hole in the unopened end of an empty metal can, a hole just big enough to squeeze a firecracker into, with the fuse in the open. Place the open end of the can on a plate or pie tin with just enough water in it to seal the edges around the bottom. Light the firecracker. The can will blow into the air. If you do it just right it will jump as high as an ordinary power line. I have experience, you see.

Grass fires can be cool if you manage to catch the entire forest on fire. All those chipmunks going “chitter chitter chitter” which roughly translates to “you blew it up! Damn you all to hell!”
But most days I’ll just take a good explosion and pretty sparkly lights.

Little known fact: put a 500 gram aerial repeater inside an oil drum just right and you have to start explaining to national security why an ICBM showed up on their radar.

Goex or Elephant Powder?

Gosh, what do you have against KiK*?

[sub]*Yes, I completely looked that up. I don’t know anything about any of them[/sub]

Are you the same guy who dodged a bottle rocket while the yard was on fire?

And whose neighbor said this is one fourth you will always remember…I mean, you won’t forget?

I’ll bet the Fourth at Tripler’s house is awesome.

what is your shoe size?

when did you start feeling a strong attachment to your hands?

Don’t worry, they’re professionals.
Yeah, right. I’ve had firemen pals most of my life and they’re more dangerous than most other folks.

Should be a good Fourth at my house.

10 Lbs of AN
1 Lb of German Dark Aluminum Powder
Electric Blasting Caps
LONG spool of two conductor wire

I’m not sure if this is the same one I saw last year. But even if it’s not, it’ll do.

#9 is the fake one for sure. Editing and results are just pathetic.

Do you have anything spectacular planned for when you do blow your hand off?

Won’t that be spectacular enough on its own?