Ask The Guy Who Was Stabbed Next To His Heart

It’s been six months since it happen, I am now (mostly) healed and the person who stabbed me is going to prison. It happened after a night of drinking, my girlfriend blacked out and I said something that set her off; not unusual, but this time she came at me with a steak knife and planted it four inches into my chest right next to my left nipple and pointed downward towards my heart. Another two inches and I would have been dead on the spot.

Talking about it actually helps. I have seen the crime scene photos and watched the two police videos taken from the first responders as I approached them; right up to the point to where I passed out from blood lost. So ask away, nothing phases me anymore.

What did you say to set her off?

Ex-girlfriend now, I take it? What did you say that pissed her off so much? Was she always crazy? Did you black out too or just her? How long is her sentence? What did it feel like?

Does this mean that you are suffering from PTSD as a result of the incident?

Did you have a punctured lung, or did the knife somehow miss all the really important stuff?

She stabbed you once with the knife…then what happened between that moment and the arrival of the police/EMT’s? Did she freak out at what she had done and retreat, or was she continuing her assault?

Where did it happen, at home, at a bar, somewhere in between?

When she drank she often got to the point where she would start repeating herself, crying about losing her mom at a young age, getting bitter about her lack of career prospects and angry at people who were making it thru life. I’d been thru this conversation before at least 40-50 times; that night I told her that I was tired and didn’t want to stay up and baby sit a drunk until sunrise (again). I headed to bed and heard her coming up behind me just as the knife was coming down.

How much did it hurt? Did you go in to shock pretty much right away?

Yes, she is now the EX. She wasn’t always crazy, in fact we were getting along great that night up until she took a turn. She is going to prison for two years.

It didn’t really hurt after the initial (and only) stab. The adrenaline kicked it and I was suddenly totally sober after an initial jolt. The initial jolt was intense, sort of like an electrical short in my brain; my eyesight went all wire frame view on me. I picked her up by her neck with one hand and held onto her wrist with the other hand and tossed her around like a rag doll. This wasn’t easy, as she used to be a personal trainer and was just about equal in strength to me.

It happened at home; 12:30 on a Sunday morning. I had a punctured lung and was in the hospital for 12 days. Developed a blood clot between my lung and chest cavity, that surgery almost killed me.

I tossed her into the bathroom and headed straight out the front door. As I opened the door I gasped that she stabbed me. Her response was that I wasn’t hurt that bad. I knew right then that she was coming back for round 2 so I booked out the door to the neighbors house.

No shock really. I was coherent enough to describe what happened to the police and gave them permission to enter my house before I passed out from blood lost. I thought that I was dead as I was passing out, but it didn’t hurt a bit. Mostly I was pissed off and wanted to make sure she was taken down.

I’m very disappointed that 6 months ago there wasn’t a “Just got stabbed next to my heart, need answer fast” thread.

Some PTSD, but I’ve been taking only a minimal amount of medication. Mostly exercise helps alleviate the problem. I cannot swim like I used to due to breathing issues, but I can run. Not comfortable with my head under water now. Sometimes feel like I am suffocating when I wake up in the middle of the night. Small does of Xanax helps.
She wasn’t wearing pants that night. She was found on the couch with no pants on and blood on her hands. The kitchen knife was found behind the toaster. She told them that I was at work and wanted to call me. The next morning when they told her what happened she just looked dumbfounded and said nothing.

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Almost started a thread, but I didn’t want to screw up the legal aspects of the situation. It was tempting, I was off work for 8 weeks.

What all is she being charged with?

Was part of her defense ever to claim that you were assaulting her, and she had to defend herself?

In Michigan they charge you with Assault with Intent to do Great Bodily Harm. It carries up to a 10 year sentence.

Next time don’t be so selfish and think of us.

Oh, man. I feel like such a voyeur, here. This is fascinating.

Were you happy with the sentence she received? Have you spoken to her since? What was her reaction when she found out what she had done, and again when she was sentenced?

Did you get to a neighbor? Who called the cops?

She plead No contest because she was blacked out and didn’t remember anything. And I told the judge that I actually believed that she didn’t remember. I’d noticed signs of severe alcoholism recent to the event, but only thought that they were isolated incidents; in hind sight it was apparent that she was out of control.

Was this the first time she had been violent towards you?