Ask The Guy Who Was Stabbed Next To His Heart

Yes, I now have one of the best stories at the bar. A friend of mine went to the hospital with a heart attract at the same time and came back a couple of week later talking about his stents. He conceded that my story put his to shame and bought me a drink.

Do you know her reaction when she woke up and realized what she had done? Did she try to apologize to you?

Yes. We wrestled in good fun before, but never was a serious punch laid. We were happy drunks.

Did you get to keep the knife?

I was OK with the sentence. Judge even asked me twice if I was OK with, since you know “she did stab you”.

I have not spoken to her, her family or any of her friends since the incident. Maybe I will now that the trial and sentencing is over.

Cops said she was stunned when they told her what she did. She didn’t recall a thing. I did receive my first collect phone call in twelve years while she was in jail, but I didn’t take the call because II figured it was her or someone else trying to get thru to me.

I can only imagine what the shock of a 2-year prison sentence would do to someone who hasn’t had any previous run-ins with the law. That’s why I asked about her reaction to the sentencing.

Sorry you had to go through all of this. I can’t imagine the physical and emotional trauma that you’ve experinced.

No and I couldn’t even give away the partial set. Brand new set of Kitchen Aide knives and nobody wanted them. Something about them being bad luck. I joke now that guns are fine, it’s those kitchen utensils that need to be regulated!

You’re lucky you didn’t buy the GOOD knife set :wink:

Maybe the company would want to use you in an ad, like Jared for Subway.

That’s was my thinking, she had never been in any type of trouble before and had never spent more than a night in jail 15 years ago for a DUI. Two years is lifetime for her. I did see her at the sentencing and did notice that she was bulked up. Like I said, she was a personal trainer at one time and it looked to me like she had been doing a lot of exercising in the county jail in preparation for prison. She is not dumb when she is sober; she just did a dumb thing.

The best thing that happened out of all this is that I gave up smoking after 25 years that night. She actually probably added years to my life. :smack:

A friend of mines wife works at Kitchen Aide in Ohio. I now accuse her of being a merchant of death!

And I actually meet Jared at a Mexican restaurant in Indiana about 15 years ago and he told me that thank god he wasn’t at Subway!

The doctors told me I was lucky the knife wasn’t serrated; as they tend to carry bacteria and cause a more jagged would. I am also lucky that she choose the steak knife and not the Chucky style butcher knife.

Yes, my neighbor lives quite close (~30 yards) and I banged and bled all over her door. She would not answer the door because her dog was freaking out from the smell of the blood. She called the cops. Meanwhile I went over to the next neighbor and bled all over their SUV. Luckily my street connects two major streets and the cops use it to sit and perform DUI stops late Saturday nights. Two cops cars showed up in less that two minutes from opposite ends of my street.

Man, my condolences. This whole thing is just stunningly pointlessly tragic. You end up with four inches of cutlery in your chest and someone you presumably had a strong attachment to ends up in prison for two years for something she doesn’t even remember doing.

Do you think the jail sentence is going to accomplish anything? Would you have been OK with just having her get counseling?

Has this resulted in any sort of epiphany for you, of the “take every day as a gift” variety? Or is it more business as usual, except for hopefully not dating crazy women?

Chucky style. I LOLed.

I guess all those stabby movies will be a bit harder to watch I suppose. Glad to hear you are okay!

In Russia the crazy stick it in you! (I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself).

She is now a convicted felon, this isn’t going to do her any good. I would have been happy if she had been charged with aggravated domestic violence, which is a misdemeanor charge; but the DA talked me out of it due to the sentence being too short and her being a danger to the public at large right now. Really couldn’t see her getting out right now and spending the night with someone drinking; she needs time out and counseling.

For me it’s move on, been there done that. No more smoking, that’s a good thing. Life is short and can end at any moment, so don’t sweat the small stuff.

All people are fragile and anyone can “go crazy” if pushed into a situation like prolonged unemployment. If women weren’t crazy they’d be dudes and I don’t care for dudes . . . not that there is anything wrong with that. :smiley:

God Almighty, Si Amigo. I’m so glad you’re all right. What a tragic story.

So did she stab you and pull the knife back out? Or did you have it sticking in you during your horrible trip outside to the neighbor and the SUV? :eek:

"The kitchen knife was found behind the toaster. "

Somehow he got it out. :eek:

Oh geez I forgot about the toaster. Must have been an accomplice. <shifty look>

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