Ask the irritated E3 guy.

So I’m back from E3 for the ninth year (I think…I’ve been going each year since Atlanta).

Again, I find myself disappointed. Maybe I’m too old or there’s been some sort of sea change in me but I find most of the stuff there dull and uninteresting. Half the time I wanted to smack the guys I was interviewing for being boring and unoriginal.

But anyway, my team and I literally visited every company there (and a few that didn’t have booths and just wanted to make the scene. So if you have any questions I’ll be glad to answer them. Maybe it’ll provide some game therapy for me as well.

Get off my lawn!

Is WoW Expansion going to make me want to renew my subscription, now lapsed for a little over a year?


I admit…based on what I saw of it I think it’ll be a hit. I think they’ve put a lot of thought into it and if they don’t screw up the coding and leave it buggy I think it’ll give them a kick.

Though if you left out of boredom or something I think eventually this will bore you as well.

Do you think the Play Station 3 has any chance at the stated price. How does game development for it look?

I’ve noticed that Final Fantasy IX is on the XBOX 360. Do you think Square might release more software for the XBOX 360 in the future, or are they still firmly in the Playstation camp?

Is Spore going to be as good as we think it will be?

PS3 - The only people I talked to who thought the price point of the PS3 was reasonable were people with a solid financial motivation to think so. All others were scratching their heads and saying ‘Good luck’. And the MicroSoft people were practically giggling.

I saw it in action and it looked nice. But the side by side I saw with a 360 didn’t make it look all that different. Maybe at some point the graphics get so good that discerning the difference is difficult.

Square: That’s an interesting question, actually. With former Square boss Sakaguchi developing games for the 360 I think there might be some room for movement there. That said the times I’ve met with Square they haven’t said much about anything other than what would make them the most dough.

I got the private demo and it looked cool. If it will catch on is an entirely different question.

I’ll say this: Spore was one of the high points in my trip. At least there’s someone trying to develop new ideas and such. Will Wright knows what he wants to accomplish and it’s not developing one more FPS.

OK, I admit, the highest point was being able to demo LEGO: Star Wars II. And getting to rummage around in the huge bin of dismembered lego guys they had for people to play with in the LucasArts room.

Is it true that the lead designer on “Shadowrun” was struck dead by a bolt of lightening hurled by a wrathful god?

Just kidding. I heard the Fallout 3 poster was badass though. Did they show an actual FO3 demo or just promo stuff?

Did you play with the Wii? Does the movement sensing actually work as good as it will need to?

Lightning. Because I can spell. :o

I don’t think many people got to do much with the Wii. Nintendo was very secretive about it. Much more so than Sony with the PS3.

I didn’t get to demo Shadowrun (bear in mind I brought five people this year) but the two guys I sent over there raved about it.

What did you think of NWN 2 And/Or Medieval 2: Total War? Same old, better graphics, or anything actually new/interesting/promising?

IGN has a number of hands-on writeups with the Wii games, though I hear most folks had to wait 4 or 5 hours just to get 10 minutes with one.

The lines were insane. One of my colleagues got in after only an hour, but that was because he was there on an “Exhibitor” badge which meant he could start queuing up before the doors opened in the morning.

What was the absolute dumbest thing you saw (and how likely do you think it’ll be a hit)?

Now I’m jealous. Will LEGO: Star Wars II have any new annoying races I’ll get to rip apart? Which platforms are they going to release for?

OOH, I bet it was Paris Hilton’s game… Jewel Jam!!

I thought it was called Diamond Quest…

EIGHT seperate platforms, including PSP and suchlike. All releasing September 12 with the original trilogy theater version of the movies.

Stand back…this thing could blow!

Seriously, Chewbacca’s special attack is to rip characters arms off. That’s so cool I could die.

The stupidest thing I saw was a cash bar for press at one of the late night parties, actually. Good luck getting good ink with THAT.

Does Super Smash Bros. Brawl really have Solid Snake, or was that just a gag?