The Official E3 2008 Thread

So E3 is less than 24 hours away. What is everyone hyped up to see?

For me, it’s all about Mega Man 9. An 8-bit styled, 2D Mega Man, for $10 on WiiWare? Sign me up!

I’d also like to hear more from Square-Enix about Dragon Quest IV (and maybe IX).

Finally, I’m sure that Nintendo has more up their sleeve than the four B-list games they have announced for E3 so far. Wario is cool and all, but The Big N always makes a big splash at E3.

Oh, and I have a good feeling that at least one of the following games will be announced: Final Fantasy XIII for the Xbox 360, Kingdom Hearts 3 for the Xbox 360/Wii, Metal Gear Solid 4 for the 360 or a version of Grand Theft Auto for the Wii.

I’ve been saying GTA IV for Wii since Table Tennis for Wii came out. Doubling it since Bully was announced.


Spore’s gonna be there, right?


Duke Nukem Forever.

Forget about GTA IV for the Wii. Won’t happen.

i’m looking foward to Spore and Fallout for PC.

Nobody’s saying GTA4. Although technically, it could, as GTA4 and Table Tennis are both built on the Rage Engine and TT is already on the Wii.

But some GTA game (say a spinoff like Liberty City Stories) will definitely be on the Wii sometime in the future. Take Two loves money and they would be fools to pass that up.

Look up. E-Sabbath mentioned GTA IV.

Getting an engine modified to render content on the Wii is a different monster than getting GTA IV, which already taxes the multi-processor (with more rendering muscle) consoles, into the Wii.

That is almost a certainty, you’re right.

I’m looking forward to the possibility of an announcement of a new Star Fox game, hopefully going back to the Star Fox 64 roots. And a date for MM9 in the U.S. Please oh please oh please.

Also anything on Final Fantasy XIII. I’m pretty sure it’s going to stay PS3 exclusive though. I don’t think the next Kingdom Hearts game is going to be for the Wii, but I hope there might be a spin-off for the Wii. Don’t think it’ll be announced this E3 though.

I hope to know about any more Wii Tactics games.

That and Fallout for the PC. Those are the only really big things I think i’d care about right now… Unless GTAIV DID manage to sneak itself onto the Wii.

Essentially every minor nitpick I had with Rock Band has been fixed or added to Rock Band 2, and I’m incredibly jazzed about seeing it played at E3. If the alleged leaked song list is accurate…well, let’s just say I’ll need a towel.

Well, it could be GTA4: Liberty City Stories. I’m more saying ‘Something GTA powered by Rage Engine.’

I dunno. I’m looking forward to E3 totally failing?

I haven’t even thought about E3 in a while. Didn’t the conference shoot itself in the foot somehow and is no longer the top-of-the-line in cool?

Sort of, but not really. They banned Booth Babes and that made some of the more idiot journalists all sad. They also made the show invite-only, which keeps out all of the GameStop managers, which pissed them off.

It’s more low key, but most of the same announcements and sneak peeks are still there.

Hell, I remember back when it was much larger, and much easier to get in, one of my friends from college managed to get a pass. How? Well, he worked for Wal-Mart. That’s it…just as a sales associate in the electronics department. He managed to finagle that into getting a E3 pass. So you can see why they had to scale it back a bit, it was getting out of hand.

Microsoft and Square-Enix just announced that Final Fantasy XIII will be released on the Xbox 360 on the same day the PS3 version is released.

Holy fucking shit. Sony is screwed.

Holy fucking shit indeed.


Justin, anything else good? Also, does this count as Microsoft drinking Sony’s milkshake? What is this, two million console sales they just stole, potentially?

(Same day launch. Brutal.)

That’s some harsh shit right there. Sony took this one on the chin big time.

Also, Bungie is making a new game in the Halo universe, but without Master Chief. It’ll be squad-based, but still FPS.

Microsoft didn’t mention it during their E3 Press Conference. I don’t doubt it’ll happen, but they didn’t announce it yet.

I’d say it does. Sony’s whole future was banked on MGS4 and FF13 (and a few other games). With MGS4 out and FF13 no longer an exclusive, I think they’re done for. The Xbox 360 cannot be caught, Sony has third place locked up. I’m sure LittleBigPlanet will be nice, but it’s not the blockbuster Sony is touting it as.

As for other good stuff, let’s see…

– Microsoft is redoing the Dashboard and will include the option to download any game completely to the hard drive and a deal with Netflix will put a lot of their movies on Xbox Live as streaming downloads. They’ve also added “Avatars”, fancy Miis that will probably be available before Sony’s Home.

– Gear of War 2 is coming 11/07

– Resident Evil 5 is coming 3/13/09

– The comeplete Rock Band 2 setlist was announced. 84 songs, I posted it here:

There was I thinking, “Nothing important will be mentioned. I don’t need to stay up to watch the Big 3 press conferences.” That’s Sony’s share of the non-Japanese market down the toilet.