Ask the learning disabled student.

Ask me any questions you have.

Why are you here? At the SDMB, I mean? What do you want from us? What are your expectations from this message board? Do you understand why the rest of us are here? Do you understand what we expect from other posters by way of behavior?

Did you attend your last IEP? When do educational rights transfer to you?

What grade are you in? What country?


In what way, shape, or form are these questions about SmileyDeath’s learning disability? Or have you just been apppointed the sole arbiter of SDMB practices and standards?

If you just want to beat up on a new, 14-year-old, learning-disabled, bright, sometimes funny poster, perhaps another forum might be a better place. :rolleyes:


I was going to ask if he wants to pet the rabbits, but now you got me feelin’ all guilty.

What is your learning disability?

As owlofcreamcheese opined in another thread

He’s not “learning disabled”, he’s just not particularly good at math, a bit of lazy student and a major league attention whore. Pretty much a standard, everyday 14 year old.

Actually, in this post, SmileyDeath indicates that he doeshave a learning disability, though he doesn’t say what it is.

Early Out, read the OP again.

**I did.

I think it’s appropriate to ask whether a 14-year-old with a learning disability really understands what this message board is about, or whether he considers the SDMB his own personal Internet playground.

Basically, I wanna know why he’s here. So I asked.

Yeah, you’re right on the technicality, DDG, but it still sounds like you’re sitting behind a great big desk, interviewing SmileyDeath for th’ job of SDMB member. Are you saying that having a learning disability may impair the ability to interact with others on a messageboard, in particular this one? That such a disability may impact on the ability to “understand what we expect from other posters by way of behavior”?

Well, gee, I’m sorry it sounds like a job interview, I really can’t help that. What other ways are there to ask someone what he wants without actually saying, “What do you want?”

“Hi, there, Smiley, you great big hunk of lovin’ manhood, how in the world are ya? Here–have a cookie! Oh, and by the way, what do you expect from this message board?”

'Zat better?

A bit of precision in the OP would help. Precisely what LD’s does Smiley Death have?

Agraphia, dysgraphia, CAPD, dyscalculia, dyslexia? Or something else?

DDG while I fully sympathise with your POV and had the same reaction, it is OT for the thread. I can’t think of a specific LD which deals solely with messageboard etiquette :wink:

Sorry in the lateness of my post’s guys.
Do you mean what I get to choose as part of my IEP? I think if I wanted my iep to change I culd get it too.

Grade 9 and Canada.

More specifically B.C.

Yes. I joined becasue I’m always in learning something new. I’ll never be bored thanks to the SDMB.

I have dysgraphia.

Uh, no. I’m not a lazy student.

Dyslexia, probably. But I can understand what you guys say.


I’ll try and answer multiple question’s in one post next time.